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MBBS in Russia is extremely simple and you can make your dreams come proper easily for English medium MBBS from Russia. MBBS in Russia is the perfect option for those Indian medical aspirants who have attempted their best but unsuccessful to get into an Indian medical college. It is time for them not to get discouraged, as quite a few MBBS universities in Russia are providing six years MBBS course in Russia for local in addition to overseas students. All you require to do is to get 50% marks in 10+2 with science, have a legitimate passport and NEET score to learn MBBS in Russia. No language tests, no donation, no entrance tests! Russia signals Indian students aiming to pursue MBBS out of the country.

If you are troubled with high costs of MBBS in the country, do not fret; you will be capable to finish MBBS within INR fifteen to twenty lakhs in Russia. Hostels facilities are also present for Indian students who have selected to learn MBBS in India, making MBBS in Russia more reasonably priced with an average cost of about INR 10000 to 14000 per month. In case you also want to learn MBBS in Russia, get in touch with us to get MBBS admission in Russia devoid of any hassle or in any other country like MBBS in Ukraine.

MBBS in Russia from Top Medical Universities

Duration of Learning MBBS in Russia

In Russia, the overall span of MBBS course is six years for individuals who have selected the medium of teaching as English while for those who are learning MBBS in Russian medium in Russia it is seven years. However, the elementary Russian language is also trained to out of the country students during MBBS program so that they can communicate with local patients during their one-year of the internship.

MBBS Eligibility Criteria in Russia

You are appropriate for MBBS admission in Russia in case:

  • You should be a minimum seventeen and a maximum twenty-five years old on or earlier than 31st December.
  • You have passed Class 12th in Science, with English and PCM subjects from a board distinguished by the establishment in India.
  • You have received 50% percent marks in 10+2.
  • You are ST/OBC/SC and have scored 45% in 12th with similar subjects as that for your candidates.
  • You have qualified NEET.

For more information about Eligibility Criteria, you can get in touch with us at Study Europe.

Intake for pursuing MBBS in Russia

MBBS admission process here starts in September in a maximum number of universities. But, a number of universities also start MBBS admission in March in Russia as well. In order to know more about the admission date, get in touch with specialist education advisors at Study Europe.

MBBS Teaching Medium in Russia

Most of the medical universities in the country provide this course in Russian medium even as others follow English as the verbal communication of teaching for global medical students registered for MBBS in Russia. But, English medium students are also trained elementary level Russian so that they can converse with Russian patients during the internship.

MBBS Admission Russia Documents For 2020-21

  • 10th Certificate and Mark sheet
  • Birth Certificate interpreted into English or in English and notarized.
  • Passport with least amount of eighteen months validity.
  • 12th Certificate and Mark sheet
  • Medical University of Russia’s Official Invitation letter
  • 10 Photos ( 4.5 x 3.5 cm, 70% Face )
  • HIV test documents
  • Tuition fee payment for the first year bank receipt of University (necessary for some Universities).
  • Approval of all documents from the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi.
  • Visa fees
  • Validation of all documents from the Russian Embassy.

MBBS Admission procedure in Russia

The Admission procedure for MBBS in Russia is extremely direct, simple and basic. It would be perfect if you scrutinize beneath to discover about the process:

  • At first, aspirants require to fill the application with all the correct points of interest.
  • Then, you will obtain an offer letter.
  • After this, you need to pay the enrollment expenditure.
  • Then after the MBBS fees are paid in Russia, submit an application for the Visa.
  • At last, obtain the Visa for MBBS in Russia.
  • After all the process is done, get your flight to Russia. Appreciate a happy life learning and investigating the magnificent European culture.

Why Pursue MBBS in Russia?

A number of students from India and other countries arrive in Russia to make a thriving career in the field of medicine. Medical candidates may have their own views on studying MBBS in Russia, but the most common reasons for the same comprise:

  • International exposure
  • A reasonably priced tuition fees, five times lesser than that of in India
  • No donations for admittance to private medical colleges
  • Advanced technology in the field of medicine
  • No entrance exams for MBBS admission in Russia
  • English as the language of teaching in numerous MCI-approved Russian universities
  • A good repute of the Russian education system in the world
  • Excellent medical universities
  • Internationally recognized degrees
  • MCI-approved universities
  • Perfect incorporation of practice and theory in the MBBS curriculum
  • Internationally acclaimed professors, teachers and faculty
  • University exchange programs with other European universities
  • Advanced labs and Modern infrastructure
  • Active participation of Russian universities in medical and research inventions
  • Good, healthy relations with India
  • Easy admission procedure
  • Chance to learn new languages and know about diverse cultures
  • Pleasing weather
  • The wonderful natural beauty and charming locations
  • Delicious food
  • Friendly and realistic people

Syllabus of MBBS in Russia

The country is certainly the leading place for students of India when studying MBBS overseas. MCI-approved and top-ranked medical universities in Russia follow a highly developed and world-class program for MBBS courses. The pattern and the structure of MBBS in Russia are as follow:

First Year-

  • 1st Semester: Anatomy
  • 2nd Semester: Histology and Anatomy

Second Year-

  • 1st Semester: Anatomy, Histology, Physiology, and Bio-Chemistry
  • 2nd Semester: Physiology, Bio-Chemistry, and Micro-Biology

Third Year-

  • 1st Semester: Pathophysiology Micro-Biology, Pathology, and Pharmacology
  • 2nd Semester: Pharmacology, Pathology, and Pathophysiology

Fourth Year to Sixth Year-

  • Clinical Postings and Clinical Subjects
  • Subjects, for instance, Internal Medicine, Oncology, Psychology, Neurology, General Surgery, Pediatrics, ENT, Gynecology, Cardiology, and Emergency Medicine are some of the subjects taught during fourth to the sixth year.

MBBS Study Fees in Russia for 2020-21

In the field of Medical Education, Russia stands on a reputable position and the Medical Universities of Russia make it imaginable by giving quality driven training as all medical universities of Russia are distinguished from MCI, WHO, UNESCO, and many other global medical agencies. Fees for MBBS in any of the government or private medical institution in the country is low contrasting with Medical colleges of India and enables admission to students in any Russia’s medical university directly.

Identification of Russia Medical Universities

  • WHO (World Health Organization)
  • MCI (Medical Council of India)
  • FAIMER (The Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research)
  • WFME (World Federation for Medical Education)
  • Ministry of Education, Russia
  • ECFMG (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates)

Benefits of Pursuing MBBS in Russia for Indian Students

  • The best thing is that TOEFL or IELTS is not needed.
  • The entrance test is not needed. Especially, the entrance occurs on the basis of first come first served.
  • No donation fee is demanded by Russian universities.
  • For MBBS in Russia, no capitalization fee is asked to be paid.
  • The universities are supported financially by the Russian Government.
  • The medium of medical teaching in Russia is the English language.
  • The course fee of MBBS is very economical when compared to other Indian MBBS institutes.
  • Russian MBBS universities are recognized by MCI.
  • To submit an application for Medical Education in Russia there is no higher age limit for students.
  • After clearing the screening test foreign Indian graduates can practice in India.
  • Universities get ready MBBS students from the first year of the screening test.
  • Students have the choice to pursue PG in Europe besides finishing their Medical education in Russia.
  • Indian food can be easily found by Indian students in Russia.
  • Students can find home-stay accommodations in Russia easily. If students do not want to stay in a hostel students can rent an apartment.
  • The MCI and other international authorities are familiar with Medical programs in Russia.

Drawbacks of Studying MBBS Russia 2020

  • The local language in Russia is Russian. Thus, the language could be an obstruction outside the university campus. The global students studying MBBS in the country require learning the Russian dialect.
  • An international student may have to learn the Russian language. As it assists them to converse with locals while doing MBBS in Russia.
  • In fact, the whole Visa process for Russia is a little too dull. The whole procedure takes more than two months after document submission to the delegation.
  • The weather in Russia remains cold at all times. Thus, it might be hard for students to become accustomed.
  • Russia is known to have a modern lifestyle. It has a number of entertainment facilities such as discos, night-clubs, sports, restaurant facilities. Students are also diverted by internet wastes during their education period. Moreover, there are no guardians to direct them.
  • Students might become lethargic due to the medical curriculum in Russia as the country does not pressurize the students or another European country.
  • To cover expenditures for MBBS course in the country you cannot work together and study as it needs a lot of concentration and self-study.

Regarding Russia:

It is a sovereign country in Eurasia. It is the largest country on the earth by land area which is 17,125,200 sq km. In fact, it takes over a one-eighth populated area of the world. In addition, it is the ninth most populated, with over 144 million individuals. The western European part of the nation is considerably more urbanized and populated. Additionally, about seventy-seven percent of the population stays in this part. The capital city is Moscow and is one of the biggest urban spaces in the world including other key urban spaces such as Novosibirsk, Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Ufa, and Kazan.

The Climatic State of Russia

The huge dimension of Russia and the isolation of many regions from the ocean results in the prevalence of the moist mainland atmosphere. It is all-encompassing in all parts of the country with the exclusion of the tundra. In the south, the mountains obstruct the stream of warm air masses from the Indian Ocean. The plain of the north and west persuades the nation to open to Atlantic and Arctic impacts. The larger piece of Siberia and Northern European Russia has a subarctic environment. The inner districts of Northeast Siberia enjoy a great degree of extreme winters (the majority portions of the Sakha Republic, in which the Northern Pole is located with the lowest temperature of −71.2 °C), and more direct winters anywhere else. Both the Russian Arctic and the Arctic Ocean islands have a polar atmosphere.

Time Difference

India is 2 and a half hours in advance of Russia


Russia includes varied Religion as Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and Judaism. Thus, these are the principal religions in the history of Russia. Standard Christianity is a usual and the largest religion in Russia. It is regarded as a part of Russia’s “demonstrable inheritance” by the law accepted in 1997. Around ninety-five percent of the enrolled Orthodox areas have a place with the Russian Orthodox Church. There are ranges of smaller Orthodox Churches. These are referred to as homes of Old Believers worship. Throughout Russia, an extensive recovery of shamanism has been found.

Monthly Expenses for Indian Students in Russia.

  • Food will cost USD 10 per day.
  • Based on your living style accommodation per month is USD 100-300
  • Utilities per month USD 150.
  • Car fuel per litre USD 0.5
  • One month metro smart card USD 65.

How Safe Is Russia for Indian Students

  • Urban communities in Russia are considerably safer. But, it is yet a smart thought to know about your environment. Maintain a planned distance from the awful neighborhood in your city. It would be totally irresponsible to go out unaccompanied at 2 am in any Russian city.
  • As an Indian recuperative student in Russia, you would be very much unlucky to get assaulted or victimized at being subtle. But, at that point in the event that you look as though you will get robbed, you most likely will. Be attentive and do not walk leisurely around like a frightened person. Russia may not be as safe as Switzerland, but it is certainly not like a Latin American nation.
  • It is significant to carry some familiar proof with you continuously. A duplicate of the visa, identification, and enrollment papers are a total necessity. Character checks by policemen are usual in Russia. However, yet again, it is impossible that you will be stopped by a policeman if you found to be distrustful. Having character papers with you is very much needed for any sort of crisis.

MBBS Studies Accommodation in Russia

Most of the colleges give facilities of Hostels to global candidates pursuing in Russia. The candidates, who do not choose to stay in a hostel, have diverse convenience choices. In fact, they can find lodges, Inns, private flat, and homestay accordingly. There are usually two kinds of off grounds and settlement lodging. Price of inn convenience ranges from $30-$100 each month. These quarters are the most reasonable option to pursue your studies in Russia. Off grounds settlement is on the higher side as a rule. It is between $150-$400 month to month depending upon the area.

Our Facilities for Students from India Pursuing MBBS In Russia

We provide the below-mentioned services for MBBS:

  • We offer students with dependable and genuine FMGE Test Series and study notes to make sure that students get accomplishment in the examination.
  • We are the most excellent in the business in terms of MBBS educational counselling for overseas.
  • Through our comprehensive knowledge, wide-ranging research and know-how, we assist you to get the best in class education at the greatest medical universities for Indian students in Russia.
  • We also provide university selection supervision to assist you to choose from a list of lucrative and leading universities in Russia for MBBS.
  • Get promise for thriving MBBS admission in Russia in top-notch, MCI recognizes MBBS Colleges in Russia
  • We assist you with the VISA application and documentation such as stamping from Embassy & Ministry together with translating notarization and academic documents. Get no refusal of VISA issuance.
  • Study Europe Consultants organizes safe to travel together with travel insurance and suitable accommodation abroad.
  • We also give teaching counseling checks to candidates who have finished their MBBS in Russia or somewhere else and are eager to carry on their PG program in medicine.
  • We offer you complete information on PG programs in Medicine offered by diverse medical universities in the world.

We pay attention to being your reliable partner for your admission associated enquiries on getting an MBBS in overseas at Study Europe Consultants. We are satisfied to tell you that we are the certified legislative body of MCI Approved MBBS institutions in Russia for medical candidates.

Why Select Study Europe Consultants for MBBS?

There are lots of causes that make us the most dependable study-overseas advisors in Chandigarh. Our experts at Study Europe Consultants make sure that all our customers get the total answer to their MBBS related requirements in global medical universities beneath a single roof. We are here to support you at each stage and treat you as a family member. With a knowledgeable squad of education advisors, we have been able to send several students to study MBBS in Russia and several countries throughout the world.

Advantages you get with Study Europe Consultants comprise:

  • Round the clock support and transparent dealing
  • Complete and wide-ranging study abroad consulting under one roof
  • Knowledgeable counsellors, documentation support staff
  • Very competitive consulting fees
  • Track record of thriving MBBS admissions in European countries
  • The ability to pay the processing fee in installment
  • Official partners with important universities abroad
  • We have an association with numerous European universities
  • Reliable education consultants with optimistic advice from past clients
  • We maintain and follow high principles of consultancy facilities
  • Transparent practices
  • We assist you in getting temporary Resident cards or Visa Renewal
  • We make travel agreements for you
  • Our experts get you at the airport on your arrival
  • We also make accommodation agreements
  • We direct you on education loan options present in India
  • Complete information on health and safety insurance
  • You will even get cash support in emergency

We take pleasure in serving over 500 Indian students and sending them to the medical universities of their preferences. What kind of issue you may come up associated with MBBS in abroad, Study Europe Consultants is present for you with the total solution. If you are an aspirant candidate looking forward to get MBBS admission in Russia in leading medical university in Russia or any other nation and belong to countries such as Nepal, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Iran, Bhutan, Malaysia, Namibia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, other Arab Countries, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and Ethiopia along with Turkey, Singapore, South Africa, Zambia, other African Countries, Uganda, Cameroon, Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Ghana, then feel free to get in touch with us to clear your doubts about studying MBBS overseas.

Follow Your Dreams, Become A Doctor Abroad And Practice On Your Motherland

Some of the most brilliant students, at times, fail to achieve a seat in the best medical colleges of the country. But there is no reason to quit their dreams of becoming a doctor. Some of the best medical institutes around the globe accept brilliant students and train them under their wing, which allows the students to fulfill their dreams and return to their country and practice in their country.

MBBS in Russia from the Bukovinian State Medical University (BSMU) ensures that the student is well trained and has the expertise to practice, back in the country. In the beautiful city, Chernivtsi City, with the admirable architecture and intimating history, stands tall, the largest highest educational establishment of BSMU,for the past 75 years. With the highest levels of accreditations, while keeping the ancient traditions in place, the Bukovinian State Medical University was founded in October 1944.

BSMU is the best and the ideal university to pursue MBBS in Russia, and fulfill the dreams of becoming a doctor.


MBBS in Russia from BSMU is one of the most affordable, with the privilege to deposit the course fee directly to the university and, there is no involvement of any donation or capitation fee. The university is considered as one of the top medical institutes by WHO. The Ministry of Health, Ukraine, also regards BSMU as the most esteemed institution with 47 departments within 7 faculties.

Admission Procedure

The MD House is the official admission partner, and the representative for BSMU in Asia, for Indian Students. The admission procedure follows the strict guidelines as per the Medical Council of India. Applicants with excellent academic qualifications and have the potential of becoming a good doctor gets a seat in BSMU.


  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English with an aggregate of at least 50% and 40% respectively in 10+2 with practical for General Category and reserve category
  • Qualifying marks for 2019 NEET: 134 for General Category and 107 for SC/OBC/ST students
  • For the admission procedure in the university, IELTS, and TOEFL is not mandatory
  • A visa from the Embassy of Ukraine after an invitation from The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Students are requested to apply at the earliest as the acceptance procedure takes a long time.
  • The tuition fee remains equivalent for all years and payable directly to the university account, according to the semesters.

Students have the option of applying online or by personally visiting the nearest or by emailing for queries at info@themdhouse.com

FAQs For MBBS in Russia

Yes, it is a smart thought as it simply promises 2-3 vital things:

1) After you complete MBBS, come back to India you do not need to plan for the Medical Council of India screening test consequently. Learn the German language in India in this half year.

2) 1-year course to learn up to C1 level but, it would be feasible in Germany through us.

3) At the conclusion of the residency, you can obtain Board guaranteed PG and work in Germany for a year and a half subject to business.

4) In fact, the last thing is to assure that you work for three more years. You would be eligible for an EU Blue card as per the migration strategies.

From 1st September, the academic year in all Russian medical university begins.

Yes, this is because devoid of a student visa, you cannot look for after MBBS. You have to submit an application for the visa, next to the confirmation shape of the separate college. As an abroad education expert assist in the process of confirmation and visa we make sure smooth and hassle-free involvement throughout the process.

Yes, the universities, we represent offer all documents to get an education loan from nationalized and private banks. Besides this, we assist you in the whole credit process to make it fast and authorized.

The MCI carries out a screening test twice a year. Students do not have any limits on the number of times they can take the assessment. MCI approved Medical Universities that we talk to prepare students for the MCI test. For this motive, we ensure to succeed in effective fulfilment in the first attempt.

Almost all medical colleges facilities, including classroom, lodgings, and curative amenities are heated centrally. This warming framework is managed by the local municipal department of the city. In addition, it gives high temp water round the clock.

Yes certainly, you can join an internship in India after completing MBBS from Russian college. Once you pass the MCI screening Test directed by Medical Council of India.

Yes certainly, it is simple to exchange between college to college in the middle of MBBS in Russia. But, you have to show up in the examination that college might take to test the capability of students. For example, following to applying for the exchange. On the productive finish of the examination, the student can exchange.

Yes certainly, the medical colleges in the country that we talk are approved by UNESCO and WHO. This is why you can put into practice in any preferred nation. There are a number of areas that allow you to practice with no screening test. But, there are a small number of countries where screening test is compulsory to sharpen like the USA and India.

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