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Study MBBS in Australia

MBBS is considered one of the highest degrees among the high school graduates and their parents in India. The hype is doubled if the degree is obtained from a foreign country like Australia. It was once considered that only school toppers and students with high IQ can travel to foreign nations for graduation. However graduating from a foreign university and studying MBBS in Australia is made simpler and easier with organizations like The MD House, who are pioneers in overseas graduation for Indian students.

Why Study MBBS in Australia?

Australia is one of the most preferred destinations for higher education by Indian Students. The medical universities in Australia have the best and world-class infrastructure, best of technologies, internationally recognized educational methodologies, and highly reputed teaching faculties.

Australia is a beautiful country with a lavish lifestyle and infrastructure. It is also a safe country for Indian students, who are taken additional care against discrimination. The cost of living here is pretty heavy, but students can compensate it with scholarships and part-time jobs as they desire.

The MBBS degree from Australia is accredited internationally, and thus candidates need not appear for the screening examination conducted by the Medical Council of India. They only have to register themselves with IMC and start their career in India.

Prerequisites to study MBBS in Australia:

  • The applicant should have completed 17 years of age
  • A pass in higher secondary with 60% aggregate marks from a recognized university.
  • A minimum score of 7 in IELTS examination
  • A good score in UMAT - which is the graduating entrance test for international students in Australia.
  • Admission is offered based on the scores in these examinations and based on the student’s performance in the personal interview with the authorities.

Top MBBS Universities in Australia:

  • The University of Melbourne
  • The University of Sydney
  • Monash University
  • University of New South Wales
  • Australian National University

Applying for MBBS in Australia:

The MD House is a pioneer in overseas medical education for Indian students. They help parents and children across the application and enrollment process in a transparent manner without incurring any additional costs. They help the parents and students genuinely with appropriate information and advice in getting the genuine temporary entrant statements, proof of financial stability, proof of enrolment, etc.

They are spread over different states in India and have a permanent office in these states over the past ten years. They have in the past placed more than 2k students in foreign universities from all over India and serve as a trusted partner for parents in fulfilling the MBBS dream of their children.

FAQs For MBBS in Australia

Yes, students pursuing MBBS in Australia are allowed to do part-time jobs to compensate for the heavy cost of living in the country. But students should make sure that their academics are not affected as MBBS is a tough course, demanding immense concentration. They can also compensate for the expenses through scholarships.

To study MBBS in Australia, the applicant should have completed a minimum of 17 years of age and have at least 60% marks in the higher secondary level. The applicant should have a minimum score of 7 on the IELTS examination.

Yes, to get MBBS admissions in Australia, the Indian students should appear for the UMAT exam and get a high score in it. The UMAT (undergraduate medicine and health sciences admission test) is the graduating entrance test for international students to seek admission in the country.

It is important to start the admission process in advance as the seats can get filled up very fast. You can take help from credible medical education counselors like the MD House to guide you in your MBBS admission process in Australia, as they have a decade of experience in overseas MBBS admission of Indian students.

The MBBS degree from Australia has international accreditation and acceptance and thus there is no need to appear for any screening tests that are conducted by the Medical Council of India. Students have to register with the Indian Medical Council and start practicing in India.

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