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Study MBBS in Philippines

Philippines or Republic of the Philippines is a Southeast Asian country, located in the Western Pacific Ocean. It consists of 7641 islands of which Manila is the capital. The country received independence from the US colonialism in 1946. It shares its maritime border with Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia and boasts of its age-old china-town.

Since independence, Philippines is rising on the ladder of economic growth. The Asian Development Bank has set up its headquarter here. Besides, the country is a member of the United Nations, World Trade Organization, Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN),Asia-Pacific Economic Corporation Forum and East Asia Summit from their very inception. Philippines is rich in natural resources and offers great biodiversity. In recent years, the country is going through a rapid expansion of industrialization and has become a desired destination of the world famous industries. The country is, therefore, going through a change in the economy from agriculture to industry. Emphasis is given on to the spread of education too.

Being a charter member of the United Nations, Philippines has often been included in the Security Council. It is also a partaker in the Human Rights Council and actively involved in Peacemaking endeavours.Due to its proximity to the equator, Philippines experiences hot and sultry weather all around the year. However, the temperature varies between 21°C(70°F) to 32°C (90°F) depending upon the region and season. Here, the coolest month is January while May is the hottest.

Study MBBS in Philippines

Over the years Philippines has become the preferred destination for students aspiring to study MBBS. The MBBS course in Philippines is called MD (Doctor of Medicine), which is similar to the MBBS course, offered in countries like MBBS in Ukraine, UK, India, and Pakistan etc. The internationally acclaimed MBBS course in Philippines consists of medical theory, practical and clinical rotations in the hospitals. Students pursuing MBBS in different universities inthe Philippines always get better exposure during their course of study. The MD programmes offered by different Universities of Philippines have got the approval of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Medical Council of India (MCI).

Philippines being a hub of education offers quality education in the field of medicine. The universities imparting medical education are equipped with a wonderful infrastructure, excellent ambience, and highly qualified and experienced faculty members. They follow the curriculum, designed by WHO and MCI and the students get a scope to attend high-quality practical classes here. Thus the medical colleges of Philippines have become preferred destinations to the medical aspirants all over the world. Moreover, the fees for the medical course is cheaper here compared to other countries.

Bearing the affiliation of WHO and MCI, the medical Universities of Philippines impart education to a good number of International students. The medium of instruction being English, the students find it easier to study here. So, language does not pose a hindrance to communication for the medical aspirants. As per statistics available, the MBBS and MD pass outs of Philippines achieve absolute success in the international medical examination under USMLE.

Why MBBS in Philippines

Philippines boasts of a friendly educational environment which is ideal forinternational students. Every year, hundreds of thousands of students throng in different universities to study MBBS or MD. The lower fee is one of the most important factors to attract international students here. Besides, the degree, conferred by the universities here, is globally accepted. The young doctors find placements anywhere in the globe at the completion of their study in Philippines

The academic year in the universities of Philippines is divided between two semesters. It begins in June and ends in May. Moreover, most of the people in Philippines speak English fluently and so the international students find it easier to communicate and gel with the people easily. With better infrastructure, learning environment, world-class equipment and technology, MBBS seems to be the most sought after course in Philippines by the international students.

The medical universities arrange for workshops and conferences to provide hands-on training and practical exposures to the students. At the end of the course, the students find themselves adept in handling all sorts of critical cases. Every year a good number of Indian students enroll themselves in the universities of Philippines to study medicine. The students are admitted in the medical colleges following their NEET scores. At the completion of the course, these Indian students can appear for the screening test, conducted by MCI. The MBBS degree, conferred by the universities of Philippines has accreditation of WHO and MCI.

Top Universities for MBBS Study in Philippines

University of Perpetual Help Our Lady of Fatima University

  • AMA School of Medicine
  • Bicol Christian College of Medicine
  • Angeles University Foundation
  • Medical School Foundation
  • Davao Medical School Foundation
  • Emilio Aguinaldo College of Medicine

Benefits of MBBS in Philippines

The educational environment in Philippines is a safe haven for the international students. In an academic year, about 8000 students set their destination to Philippines to study MBBS or MD. However, the Indian Students comprise 50% of international students’ strength here. The standard of education, imparted by the medical universities of Philippines is equivalent to the global standards. The young doctors are well accepted in countries like the UK, and the USA and every year many young doctors from Philippines land in these countries with a job in the reputed hospitals there. Philippines houses 2299 Higher Educational Institutes along with 40 renowned medical colleges.

Here is a brief description of the advantages of pursuing MBBS or MD in the medical colleges of Philippines:

  • 1. The medical Universities of Philippines possess accreditation of WHO (World Health Organization) and MCI (Medical Council of India). So, the students who have received their degree in medicine in Philippines will be eligible to sit for the examinations conducted by MCI and USMLE, for practising in the reputed hospitals in India and USA.
  • 2. Since the medium of instruction is English here, the students can adapt well with the educational scenario. They can mix well with the residents of the country. At the same time, they are scared of the burden of learning an extra language, unlike China, Russia etc.
  • 3. The cost of education in different medical colleges in Philippines is quite cheaper, compared to other countries. Moreover, some of the medical universities do not demand any donations from the students. The expenditure towards MD course in Philippines varies between 15 lakhs and 25 lakhs depending upon the rank of the colleges.
  • 4. The hostel charges or living too is very pocket-friendly here. There are many restaurants in Philippines, which serve Indian foods so the Indian students would not find it difficult to adapt themselves here.
  • 5. The medical colleges lay emphasis on practical training and the students get exposure to study and diagnose cases and offer treatments. No doubt, this will increase their knowledge and confidence.

So the students, aspiring to study MBBS in top medical universities of Philippines may apply through The MD House Today!

FAQs For MBBS in Philippines

The Philippines is one of the most preferred destinations for students aspiring to MBBS. This course in the Philippines is called the MD course or the Doctor of Medicine course. This degree is equivalent to the MBBS degree offered in India, UK, Pakistan, etc.

The duration of the MD course in the Philippines is about 6 years, which encompasses five years of theoretical education and one year of practical study. The academic year is divided into two semesters and it begins in June and ends in May.

The course is taught completely in English and most people here speak English fluently. MBBS/MD in the Philippines encompasses theoretical education, practical exposure, and the curriculum encompasses clinical rotations in hospitals as well, thus enhancing the mode of education to international standards.

The Philippines is the best international destination to study MBBS and the country boasts a friendly educational environment that is ideal for Indian students. The fee is also the lowest here and the medical degree that is conferred by the universities here is accepted globally.

Every year, hundreds of Indian students enroll in the universities of the Philippines to study medicine. The students are given admission based on their NEET score and based on their marks in the higher secondary examinations.

The MD degree in the Philippines is valid in India and all over the world. But you should make sure that you study in the MCI approved universities in the Philippines. After completing the course, the students can appear for the screening test conducted by the MCI and start practicing in India.

The top universities in the Philippines to study MBBS are AMA school of medicine, Angeles University Foundation, Bicol Christian College of Medicine, Medical school foundation, etc.

The Medical Universities in the Philippines are accredited by the World Health Organization, and the Medical Council of India. And thus, the students who have completed their degree in medicine in the Philippines will be able to appear for the USMLE and the MCI exams and work in the best hospitals in India.

The cost of MBBS education in different medical colleges of the Philippines is cheaper compared to other countries and some universities here do not demand any donations from the students. The total cost of education is between 15 to 25 lakhs depending on the rank of the colleges.

We have decades of experience in career counseling and have placed thousands of students in the best medical universities of the Philippines. We will book your MBBS seat in the best universities at an affordable cost.

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