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Those who dream to pursue medical education in a foreign country with a limited budget, MBBS in Armenia is a great choice. Armenia caters to the students of MBBS with updated infrastructure, latest education system, experienced teachers and reasonable tuition fee. This is one of the prime reasons for the growth in no of students is phenomenal in Armenia.

MBBS in Armenia for Indian Students 2021-22

The process of MBBS in Ukraine and Armenia are equal. The admission criteria are of 50% marks with science Stream in 10+2. The total tenure to study MBBS in Armenia is 6 yrs which includes a year of internship. The entrance is also quite simple wherein you don’t have to appear for any tough English language tests like TOEFL, IELTS etc and neither you have to pay hefty donations.

Moreover, since English has been made the medium of instruction in Armenia MBBS universities it has helped to break the language barrier and thus is hugely popular among overseas students where everybody stands to gain ground.

Fees structure for studying MBBS in Armenia

University of traditional medicine offers at a Tuition fee of 3000USD whereas Yerevan Haybusak University offers at 3800 USD for tuition fees. The cost of living is another 3000 USD per year approximately.

Disclaimer: The amount furnished above are subject to changes. The tuition fees, Hostel fees, living standard,exchange value are all valued in US Dollars and not in Indian Rupees. For any hitch regarding this please feel free to get in touch with our experts at The MD House.

Duration of Studying MBBS in Armenia

MBBS in Armenia, which houses quite a number of MCI approved medical universities offers a 6-year course for MBBS which includes first 5 years of theoretical medical studies and 1 year of hands-on experience ( internship) with an affiliated hospital of repute.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS Admission in Armenia

For admission in a medical school of Armenian, you only need to have

  • Age between 17+ or below 25 on or before the date of the admission.
  • Should have cleared (10+2) with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English subjects.
  • A minimum of 55% marks in +2.
  • If from SC/ST/OBC category then you need to score 45% in 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English subjects.
  • NEET exam also has to be cleared.
For more details please get in touch with The MD House.

Intake for MBBS Course in Armenia

The Admission procedure usually for MBBS in Armenia starts in July –August since the classes start from September. It is always advisable to take an expert opinion from a consultant of repute who has been in this field when you are applying for any Armenian University.

Language of Instruction in Armenia

The medium of instruction in MBBS in Armenian Universities is predominantly English but students are also taught the local language so that they don’t face any language barrier while handling local patients during an internship.

Documents Required for Admission in an MBBS University in Armenia

1. Curriculum Vitae ( Resume ) and the Application Form

2. Pass certificates and marks sheets duly attested of Class X & XII.

3. All academic credentials to be duly attested and notarized..

4. Twelve passport size photographs.

5. Processing fees which include the processing fees, counseling & other charges.

6. Three photocopies of Passport duly attested and notarized with the original passport.

7. A medical certificate certifying you are medically fit which should have HIV report.

The Application form is to be filled in the day of admission by the candidate. Note -An application is to be made to the Medical Council of India ( MCI) and an Eligibility Certificate to be obtained by all candidates who are selected.

Admission Procedure

Step-1: Apply online for colleges after paying the documentation charges. Also send the duplicates of standard 10th,11th and 12th marksheets,12th leaving certificate and a valid passport.

Step-2: On successful completion of the first step a confirmation letter will come in 4 working days. At this juncture, the passport needs to be sent along with all the above-mentioned documents to our office. The confirmation letter and the student visa will be stamped on your passport. The second part of the handling charges needs to be paid before the initiation of this procedure. Passport and Visa formalities will be cleared by the Embassy as soon as possible depending on the working hours.

Step-3: On receipt of the Student Visa, a Welcome Note from the University and the letter of Admission from the college you will be ready to fly to the destination of your dreams for an MBBS degree and become a successful doctor serving the nation.

Why Study MBBS in Armenia?

Studying students adapt to new customs of survival which is backed by the updated infrastructure and latest MBBS in Armenia is one of the most prudent decisions. The course of MBBS is in high demand and thus candidates from around the globe merge in Armenia to enroll. The teaching techniques. Armenia becomes a most sought after destination for medical aspirants because of this hi-tech qualities. Students already enrolled are firsthand advertisers of the fact that they do not face challenges with food and other survival essentials.Indian food is also available during the tenure of the course. Facilities like WiFi,Laundry, canteen, reading room etc are also available. So without any hesitation in your mind, you should head for studying in Armenia for MBBS as this also, in turn, gives you enough exposure to working in renowned hospitals and health centresaround the world.

There are more than 7000 students who converge in Armenia from 40 countries around the globe in search of a career in Medical science who are catered by around 50 private and public universities have taken together. Noteworthy among them are the American University of Armenia, The Foundation University FrançaiseenArménie,The Yerevan State University, The Eurasia International University, and Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University.

The brighter side of pursuing MBBS in Armenia 2020

1. The MBBS is globally valid and is accepted by all medical councils.

2. Since English is the medium of communication so the challenges faced are much lesser.

3. The MBBS course tenure is of 6 years.

4. Once the licensing exam is cleared one can practice in India as well.

5. The education offered is of high quality and it’s much better than the private colleges in India. The fees are also low.

6. There are no touch challenges of the exams of IELTS/ TOEFL required the degree course in Armenia

7. The environment offered is quite friendly.

8. It is accredited by MCI.

Universities where Indian Students can study in Armenia 2020

  • Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University
  • The University of Traditional Medicine
  • ST. Tereza Medical University
  • Yerevan State Medical University
  • Yerevan Haybusak University

Challenges for studying MBBS in Armenia.

1. Some student may find it difficult to clear the screening test for getting the license. This might be for a very few students but not for all.

2. The language barrier might be a challenge initially as locals speak in Hayeren and Russian sometimes. This is usually taken care off as Hayeren is taught in the Universities in Armenia.

3. MBBS in India is for 5.5 years whereas in Armenia it is for 6 years but it is worth taking a try.

Screening test preparation of MCI in Armenia

Students of MBBS can take help from the specially designed training offered to them by The MD House advisors to get ready for the MCI or FMGE screening tests as only the specialists are allowed to practice medicine in India who clears the FMGE or MCI exams from recognized colleges overseas. The advisors give instruction for all subjects as devised by MCI for all students. As it is not possible to change someone’s mindset so we find a lot of students reluctant to appear for 19 subjects after returning – students decline to take MCI coaching after pursuing MBBS from a foreign land. We believe that without losing time in transition stages it is better to take the right decision at the right time

The exam usually includes:

  • It’s a non-competitive exam which basically covers what is taught in MBBS
  • Only 3 areas are targeted in this exam.
  • Its only Multiple Choice Questions ( MCQ)
  • 50% of marks are mandatory for all students to qualify.
  • June and December are the two months every year when the exam happens
  • A person can appear in the exams as many times they wish.
At The MD House there are training specialists who will be happy to help you with Accessible material, online exams, Video lectures and much more for the MCI screening exam.

Advice for Indian Students willing to study MBBS in Armenia.

1. In Armenia, studies are offered in Education in technical, humanitarian sciences and medicals

2. Candidates willing to take up courses in Yerevan State Medical University are informed that the Medical Council of India only recognizes the MBBS degree of Armenia.

3. Candidates will have to clear the test taken by MCI for practicing in India

4. All the mark sheets and certificates issued in India are to be attested by MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) located at Patiala House, New Delhi. This is absolutely mandatory.

5. You are requested to get in touch with the Medical Council of India for any queries related to attaining eligibility certificate.

6. Be cautious about the fact that there are few private universities in Armenia whose accreditation is not recognized.

7. Students are advised to carry ample amount of warm clothes with them as Armenia being a cold country and in November during winters the temperature falls to -15 degrees.

Before going overseas

1.Candidates are advised to carry USD 300-400/ month apart from other necessities of accommodation and living. They are also advised to properly calculate the total cost of living, tuition fees, cell phone, hostel fees, food and miscellaneous expenses.

2. Aspiring students are also said to check availability in Hostel and the facilities they provide. It is also feasible that they rent private flats on a sharing basis with other fellow students so that the costs are split and works out cheaper. There are eateries around the university campus but if the students want then they can cook for themselves.

3. Indian restaurants with Indian Owners offer Indian food in the vicinity at affordable prices.

Post reaching Armenia

  • Students might have a fear of safety while traveling overseas but Armenia is not only safe but also friendly and a secured place for foreign students. However, staying safe during students own night outs etc is also important and personal propaganda.
  • It is always advisable to list yourself with the Indian Embassy in Armenia post arrival.
  • It is always advisable to keep all the important contact numbers, copy of passport, visa and permit for residence, University Identity card with yourself whenever go out. Police may ask you to show these documents for verification.
  • Never ever give your passport to anyone post your arrival in Armenia.
  • Always carry a valid Visa whenever you are going out or coming into Armenia and its better not to fiddle with the laid procedures.

On successful completion of course

1. The certificates and degree documents are to be ratified or attested by the Education Ministry of the host country. These are very important documents and needs to be submitted to the Medical Council of India when applying for registration to practice in India

2. The need for getting these documents attested by Indian Embassy in Armenia is not needed.

About Armenia

Armenia is rich with history and culture and is amulti-party democratic nation.Urartu commenced in 860 BC through the 6th century BC it was put back by the Satrapy of Armenia. She was at the zenith under Tigranes the Great in the first century BC and is considered as the first country in the world to accept Christianity as its official religion around 3rd or early 4th century AD. The early Armenian kingdom was split between Subtil and Sasanian kingdom in the early 5th century.

The Bagratid Empire of Armenia was re-established in the 9th century under the Bagratuni kingdom. Suffering because of the wars against the Byzantines, the dominion dropped in 1045 and Armenia was shortly occupied by the Seljuk Turks.

Religion As Armenia is one of the first nations to adopt Christianity as a state religion, even before 301 AD, thus Christianity is the main religion practisedin Armenia

Currency The currency of Armenia is Armenian Dram. Currency display ranking shows that the most popular exchange rate is the AMD to USD rate. AMD is the currency code of Drams.

Armenian climate is usually sunny and has four seasons. The summer temperatures range between 25degrees to 40 degrees in Ararat valley and are usually pleasant.

Winters are usually cold with minimum temperatures dipping to -5 degrees in Yerevan to -30 degrees in Ararat valley to -46°C temperatures in the Lake Arpi area.

Culture in Armenia tradition is an evolving tradition between Asia and Europe. Several Armenians also do believe that they are part of the EU kingdom, but socially Armenia hasn’t been in the headlines of European custom for some decades. After the fragmentation of the Soviet Union has evolved new avenues of trade with the Western countries but it is coming in rather slowly through a major chunk has come in Yerevan than the rest of the nation. Armenia’s small population is 99% relative oriented. They are usually hospitable which can be experienced all over. If you penniless and land up in a village you will surely find an area to live with meals of limitless toasts and liquids.

TravelingPublic transport is cheap and convenient. Alternatively, there are so many other mediums of transportation too e.g. the country provides transportation to link the villages to cities. Taxis are available if you want to cut down the waiting time. Students can also use bicycles to travel between the student’s accommodation and the University campus.

Required clothingWinters are usually very cold in places like Ararat valley and Lake Arpi thus students are advised to carry heavy warm clothes else light cotton clothing is fine with Rain suits which appear during summers.

Cost of living in Armenia

Market analysis
  • Onion (Per kg) 272.67 AMD
  • Oranges (Per kg) 648.43 AMD
  • Potato (Per kg) 228.33 AMD
  • Beef Round (Per kg) (or Equivalent Back Leg Red Meat) 2,858.33 AMD
  • Eggs (regular) (12) 760.82 AMD
  • Tomato (Per kg) 461.11 AMD
  • Apples (Per kg) 473.53 AMD
  • Rice (white), (1kg) 588.00 AMD
  • Chicken Breasts (Boneless, Skinless), (1kg) 1,995.29 AMD
  • Lettuce (1 head) 163.00 AMD
  • Milk, (Per litre) 405.29 AMD
  • White Bread (500g) 234.44 AMD
  • Banana (Per kg) 772.00 AMD
  • Local Cheese (1kg) 2,056.25 AMD
  • Taxi Start 600.00 AMD
  • Taxi 1hour Waiting
  • Taxi per km 100.00 AMD
  • Monthly Pass 6,000.00 AMD
  • Ticket (Local Transport) 100.00 AMD
Utilities (Monthly)
  • Basic Expenses like Electricity, Cooling, Heating, Garbage or Water for 85m2 Apartment 41,122.18 AMD
  • 1 min. of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local 20.74 AMD
  • Internet 6,488.89 AMD
Rent Per Month
  • Apartment (3 BHK) in City Centre 295,000.00 AMD
  • Apartment (3 BHK) Outside of Centre 126,000.00 AMD
  • Apartment (1 BHK) Outside of Centre 73,529.41 AMD
  • Apartment (1 BHK) in City Centre 128,055.56 AMD

Accommodation in Armenia

Dormitory of University  provide dormitories for MBBS students at a very reasonable fee. They are usually inside the university campus or it could be nearby also. Girls will have separate dormitory which provides bed, study desk, linen and laundry services in the rooms with separate kitchens for students who prefer to cook.

Rooms Sharing Students can rent private flats in the vicinity of the campus which if shared with other fellow students will work out cheap as well.

Private Rooms Renting a private room inside a flat is also advisable though it might cost a bit more than the dorms or sharing flats. With a little higher budget, a private flat also could be rented.

Residence for students

There are builders who have tailor-made houses as per the student's requirements near the university. Each housing unit differs from the other in shape size and amenities but they are offered at a reasonable cost to the students.

Services offered

1. We offer the following services for MBBS in Armenia :

2. We provide reliable and authentic study notes and FMGE Test Series to achieve success in the Test.

3. We are regarded as the best in the industry when it comes to Educational counseling for MBBS abroad.

4. Being in the field with extensive research and experience and in-depth information of the top-notch colleges in Armenia we are the ones to be depended upon

5. Our services also include in selecting the right university with low cost and best education for studying MBBS in Armenia.

6. We give assurances of succession MBBS admission in Armenia in top-ranked, MCI recognized MBBS Colleges in Armenia.

7. We offer assistance in the documentation process, VISA application like stamping from Embassy &Ministry, translating academic documents and notarization which enables you w

8. The MD House Consultant will also arrange for secured and safe travel backed with travel insurance and comfortable accommodation abroad.

9. For candidates who have finished MBBS in Armenia or elsewhere and want to pursue post graduation in the field of medicine, we also provide them education counseling services.

10. Not only Armenia we also specialize in giving complete information on PG programs in Medicine offered by different medical universities around the Globe

The MD House Consultant is an authorized representative of MCI approved MBBS universities in Armenia for the year 2020-21 and we always want to be your trusted ally for admission and admission related queries for getting an MBBS degree abroad.

Reasons for choosing The MD House for studying MBBS in Armenia?

There are innumerable reasons that make us the most reliable The MD House consultant based in Chandigarh- the most noteworthy being we offer end to end solution for all Admission needs under one roof. We treat our clients as family members and provide support at each and every step. With our amazing team rich in the experience we have successfully sent hundreds of study MBBS around the world including Armenia.

Advantages when The MD House Consultant is incorporated:
  • Full and exhaustive study abroad consulting under a single roof
  • 24×7×365 support and fully transparent deals
  • Competitive consulting fees
  • Fully equipped counselors and documentation support staff who are highly experienced.
  • Installments facility is available for paying and processing fees.
  • An enviable track record of successful MBBS admissions in European countries
  • We have Official partners with all the worth mentioning universities overseas.
  • Many European universities are tied up with us.
  • We have a track record with positive feedback of earlier clients.
  • It’s our mission to follow and maintain high standards in the field of consultancy.
  • Clear and vivid practices
  • Travel details are also handled by us.
  • Visa Renewal or temporary Resident card services.
  • We have personnel who will receive you at the airport on your arrival
  • Accommodation arrangements are also taken care of by us.
  • Full information on safety and health insurance
  • We offer guidance with regards to the available Loan options in India
  • We go to the extent of giving cash support in emergency

We do take pride in announcing that we have served more than 500 Indian students in sending them to their university of choice. Whatever challenges you come across related to MBBS in abroad, The MD House Consultant is always ready with a solution. In case you belong to countries like India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bhutan, Iran, Malaysia, Israel, Namibia, Saudi Arabia, other Arab Countries, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Syria, and Ethiopia, Singapore, Turkey, Zambia, South Africa, other African Countries, Cameroon, Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and Zimbabwe, and look forward to study MBBS in Armenia then feel free to get in touch with us to clear all mental challenges of studying MBBS abroad.

Medical Universities Abroad

1. Volgograd State Medical University

2. Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

3. University of Traditional Medicine

4. Akaki Tsereteli University

5. European Teaching University

6. Kazan State Medical University

7. Bashkir State University

8. Crimea Federal University

9. First Moscow State Medical University

10. Russian People Friendship University

11. Asian Medical Institute

12. Kyrgyz State Medical University

13. Jalalabad Medical University

FAQS MBBS in Armenia

No, it takes6 years for the MBBS course to be completed.

Yes, anyone whether parents or relatives can visit you in Armenia

Yes, up to 15 lacs Indian banks provide Education loan depending on eligibility.

Yes, students are allowed to do so but it is recommended not to work as MBBS study calls for a high level of concentration.

Yes, Armenian universities in all offers 251 scholarships and international students also can avail that.

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