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Get Your MBBS degree from the renowned Tbilisi Medical Academy in Georgia:

The Tbilisi medical academy is a private medical university in Georgia, founded in the year 1992. It is one of the oldest private institutions for medical education in the country and offers about six educational programs in medicine. The MBBS degree obtained from this academy is recognized all over the world and many Indian students opt to study at this University, and block a seat here even before the MBBS admission process could start in India.

Why choose the Tbilisi Medical academy?

The Tbilisi Medical Academy maintains the highest quality of medical education and is recognized by the Medical Council of India, WHO, and the Georgian Education Ministry. The University has a panel of best academicians with immense knowledge in the field of medicine. It also periodically conducts international conferences and workshops, exposing students to the latest scientific developments in the medical field.

The duration of the course is 6 years and the medium of instruction is English. Indian students are offered the best hostel facilities separately for boys and girls with access to Indian food.

The Academy has the most advanced and well-equipped teaching facilities, including science labs and a lavish library. Its world-class academic environment, a panel of expert academicians, and safety rendered for the students attract hundreds of Indian students to apply for the MBBS degree here. Most of all, the university does not ask for a donation and other fees except tuition fees and accommodation expenses and is thus far more economical than a private medical college in India.

How to apply at the Tbilisi Medical Academy?

The applicant has to complete an online admission form and submit the soft copy of their school leaving certificate and passport. For students who are not from an English medium school, their fluency in the language will be tested through direct interaction with the university authorities through a zoom call.

The university releases the acceptance letter after confirming the details and the student has to submit the following for admission.

  • Passport
  • Transcript with credits
  • Documents to prove domicile of the individual territory
  • Written consent of the rector of the academy for enrollment

The process of admission takes about 21-30 days. The process seems to be a little complicated as students have to prepare all documents pertaining to the Visa and Immigration, medical insurance, admission, and accommodation.

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