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For what reason is Tashkent Medical Academy Uzbekistan so popular at present?

Being amongst the oldest medical institutions to study MBBS in Uzbekistan, Tashkent Medical Academy was founded in the year 2005. It was referred to as Tashkent state university in 1931 and Tashkent medical institute in 1990 before forming Tashkent Medical Academy Uzbekistan. This university has as many as 3 branches, namely, Fergana Branch, Termez Branch, and Urgench Branch.

Why is it a good idea to study MBBS at Tashkent Medical Academy?

This academy will allow a candidate to be admitted to the MBBS course directly. The duration of the complete course happens to be of 6 years, including one year of mandatory internship.

  • This particular academy is known to provide top-notch education at affordable rates.
  • Tashkent Medical Academy partners with global educational and scientific institutions.
  • The hostel fees are extremely reasonable and affordable
  • This university offers comprehensive exposure to the students regarding medicine and clinical.
  • You will also come across language tests such as IELTS or TOEFL at the Academy
  • The university comes with its hospitals for clinical practice and training.
  • English happens to be the medium of instruction for the entire course.
  • The medical university provides all the contemporary and fundamental facilities required by the student while staying in the country since it is situated in Uzbekistan’s capital city.
  • Uzbekistan is considered to be quite safe for students coming from different parts of the world.

Tashkent Medical Academy Uzbekistan – Eligibility criteria

  • It will be imperative for the applicants to pass chemistry, biology, and physics subjects with at least 50% aggregate for open and 45% aggregate for reserved caste students.
  • The applicants must clear their 12th standard education from the recognized institution.
  • The age of the applicants must not be more than 25 years and under 17 years.
  • One needs to clear the NEET exam to get admitted to MBBS courses at this university.

The admission procedure

The academy's administration offers the required information regarding admission to the Tashkent Medical Academy Uzbekistan.

  • One must fill out the application form available on the Academy’s web portal.
  • It will be imperative to address the application to the Tashkent Medical Academy rector, indicating the form of training and the language.
  • The applicant must submit notarized copies of documentation with a translation in Uzbek or Russian.
  • . Following this, the applicant has to send the documents scanned copies to the Academy’s global department using email.

Hostel and accommodation

Tashkent Medical Academy Uzbekistan is known to offer well-furnished hostel rooms to international students. Each block comes with laundry rooms and a common kitchen. Moreover, there is 24 hours supply of electricity plus Wi-Fi facilities.

The hostels likewise feature Internet rooms, fitness centres, a library, and reading rooms. Moreover, the students can enjoy strict security in the presence of a warden. The hostels for the boys and girls are separate. The washrooms and rooms are cleaned daily, and one can gain access to the rooms on a sharing basis.

Tashkent Medical Academy Uzbekistan – Affiliation and Recognition

Tashkent Medical Academy Uzbekistan is works with prominent institutions of higher education in NIS countries and others to facilitate research and development in the field of medical education.

Tashkent Medical Academy Uzbekistan is recognized by the following institutions:

  • MCI (Medical Council of India)
  • NMC (National Medical Commission, India)
  • WHO (World Health Organization)
  • Seoul University
  • Humboldt University (Berlin)
  • Russian State Medical University
  • Samara State Medical University
  • Moscow State Medical University
  • Family Medicine Residency Centre
  • Chkhonnam State University (Korea)

 Tashkent Medical Academy Uzbekistan – Documents Required

  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of Mark sheet
  • Certified copy of your birth certificate
  • Medical certification
  • Receipt of Funds
  • Admissions statement (invitation letter)
  • Photographs (Passport size)

Tashkent Medical Academy Uzbekistan – Syllabus



1 semester

Medical Chemistry, Fundamentals of Psychology, Histology, Bioorganic Chemistry

2nd semester

Cytology, Embryology, Human Anatomy, Elective Courses

3rd semester

Histology, Physiology, Human Anatomy, Biochemistry, Microbiology

4th semester

Microbiology, Emergency Medicine, Patient Care, Embryology

5th semester

Pharmacology, Pathomorphology, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, General Surgery

6th semester

Ecology, Radiology, Elective Courses, Biostatistics

7th and 8th semester

Tuberculosis, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Urology, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Narcology, Medical Psychology, Forensic Medicine, Social Medicine

9th and 10th semester

Infectious Diseases, Oncology, Epidemiology, Gynecology, Traumatology, Medical Genetics, Social Medicine, Obstetrics, Clinical Immunology

11th and 12th Semester

 Elective Courses

Tashkent Medical Academy Uzbekistan – Cost of living

The low cost of living in Uzbekistan is a big help for students as they can easily save plenty of money on accommodation, food and drinks, and transportation. The average cost of accommodation in Uzbekistan is around 100 USD. For food and drinks, you need another 100 USD. For transportation, you need only 30 USD.

Tashkent Medical Academy Uzbekistan – Admission assistance

The MD House is here to assist students in understanding and following the procedure for admission to Tashkent Medical Academy Uzbekistan. We have helped over 3500 students in getting admission to various medical courses in Uzbekistan. We provide comprehensive services ranging from completing visa formalities to admission procedures. We work in a systematic way to prevent errors and unnecessary delays in completing the visa and admission procedure. Students have the advantage of our knowledge and experience in the admission procedure of Tashkent Medical Academy Uzbekistan. We assist in everything from completing necessary papers to monitoring the applications.


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