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It is not only the student who fails to secure a government seat in the medical colleges in India, but the high cost of education in the private sector also causes a hindrance for the student who wishes to pursue their dreams with MBBS. Securing a seat in government colleges is a tough job. As the number of seats available is very few when compared to the number of students competing for them. So many brilliant and deserving MBBS aspirants fail to secure a seat by a fraction of a mark even. And, to top it all, the reservation quota makes it all the more challenging.

Hence, many students wish to pursue their aspirations and dreams abroad. Russia is a country where many Indian students wish to and pursue their dreams of studying MBBS. Universities like Irkutsk State Medical University provide students to make a thriving career in the medical field. With state of the art universities and research facilities, students studying in Russia have international exposure and have the opportunity to deal with some of the critical cases of their life.

The reasonably priced tuition fees make studying MBBS in Russia a tempting offer. Every year hundreds if not thousands of students shatter their dreams of becoming a doctor only because they cannot afford to study in a private medical college. The course fee in the Russian Universities is very reasonable and their degrees are internationally recognized. Students you wish to practice in their country after completion of the course in Russia can easily do so, as it is recognizable in India too. The advanced laboratories and the modern infrastructure allows every student to learn the latest development in the medical domain, without being in the dark. Also, the Russian education system has an excellent reputation around the world.

Many Indian students are sceptical about their living conditions and food facilities available in Russia. The Hostels are very comfortable and have various extracurricular activities to keep the students engaged and aid in their overall development. The students also have facilities of high-speed internet connection for 24 hours of the day along with a well-advanced library with all the books updated. Some professional Indian cook meals for Indian students. Hence there are no issues about eating.

Studying in Russia and pursuing the dream of becoming a doctor and practising the profession back in the country, is an opportunity that no MBBS aspirant wishes to miss.

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