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Admission in MBBS in Georgian National University:

Medical Courses are always in high demand. In India, there is a tough competition for the Medical courses especially MBBS. This is due to a very less number of seats in India. Therefore, many of the students are looking towards other countries for such courses. Hence MBBS in Abroad is the new upcoming aspiration for Indian students. One such well-known destination is Georgian National University, Georgia.

Georgian National University, Georgia

Georgian National University (SEU) is the largest private university in Georgia. It is the leading one in terms of technological advancements. This University was founded on behalf of Ilia Chavchavadze in year 2001. In the year 2014, the university was authorized according to the new authorization standard. Recently, it became a member of the European Association of International Education (EAIE).

Presently, there are 23 accredited educational programs in the university. It includes 9 undergraduates, 7 minor specialties with 5 master programs. University has 133 professors and 97 invited lecturers to attend the four different faculties. These are:

  • Faculty of Business Administration
  • Faculty of Social Sciences,
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Medical

Why Georgian National University?

This Georgian National University is growing with a mission to create an internationally standard-compliant university. And university must have environment with strong theoretical, practical, and research components. It is producing a responsible professional with a multi-faceted personality and social values. Some features are:

  • Academic freedom
  • Freedom of choice and opportunities
  • Critical thinking
  • responsibility of their own deeds
  • Encouragement of success
  • Enhancement of personal opportunities

Educational services in SEU:

  • Offering the knowledge of the modern challenges
  • Creating favourable conditions for students with disabilities
  • Encouraging the mobility of students and staff
  • Providing prospects for graduates to perform a major role at the international level

How to proceed for admission?

Candidates are always in search for the Admission and other related information about many such universities across the world. The MD House is the best place to get information as well as true guidance. After completing their courses professionals are practicing in India and abroad.

The MD House- The best guide:

The MD House helps students in all possible ways. The MD House is the official representative of the Bukovinian State Medical University situated in Ukraine. Some reasons due to which The MD House is being identified as the most trusted career partner are:

  • They never hide any facts and truths.
  • They never charge any hidden expenses.
  • They provide very detailed and transparent information and advice.
  • They have a permanent office for the last ten years.
  • They have a team of most experienced career counsellors.

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