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Every year hundreds of MBBS aspirants if not thousands lose their dream of becoming a doctor and practicing it in the country because of the medical education system of the country. To study MBBS in India, a student needs to clear the MBBS Entrance Examination, which is challenging enough in itself. The seats available for studying MBBS in government colleges is very few as compared to the number of students competing for the same. The cut-throat competition along with the reservation quota makes it nearly impossible for some of the best deserving candidates to secure a seat in government medical colleges. And the best private colleges require a heft donation for a seat in their esteemed institution.

Hence, most of the deserving candidates choose to pursue their dreams by studying MBBS in Russia and become a doctor. Belgorod State National Research University is one of the top leading universities in Russia. It is known for providing the best and extensive medical education to their students in their advanced research facilities and modern infrastructure. International students also have the option of studying MBBS in English at the University. Hence, international students have no problem in understanding their curriculum, even if they are not well versed in the native language of the country. Also, the University has a high rank amongst the top Universities of the world.

When compared to the tuition fees of studying in a private medical college in India, it is five times lesser. Studying MBBS in Russia is not only inexpensive, plus the students have the opportunity to get out of their comfort zone and thrive in it as well. They need international exposure which allows them to understand other cultures and ethnicities around the globe. The international exposure allows them to study the climate of each country and their country specific diseases, if not more.

State of the art research facilities, modern infrastructure, world-renowned faculty members and advanced technology makes studying MBBS in Russia, very alluring. The University has a separate hostel providing accommodating facilities to international students. The professional Indian cooks prepared meals just like the meals one gets in their homes. Hence, the students are safe and secured in an environment where they not only have a taste of success but thrive in their medical career. It is the dream that every MBBS aspirant dreams of in India, but has the chance to fulfil it by choosing to study MBBS in Russia.

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