Study MBBS for Indian Students in 2021

The most crucial part of a student’s life is the transition between school and university, when everyone is scrambling to counsellors, agencies, online coaching classes, and their personal mentors to be able to gather enough assistance to help them choose their career path from there onwards. One of the most popular paths chosen by students after their +2 is MBBS. After selecting a subject and committing to it, come the entrance examinations and application forms of various colleges. This is the time students are faced with yet another dilemma: whether to study MBBS in India or abroad.


Since the 2020 pandemic affected a lot of sectors including education, students are likely to benefit from it too. For instance, medical aspirants will be exempted for taking admissions to study MBBS abroad in universities of their choice, even if they couldn’t clear NEET 2020. 

Factors to remember:

  • Students aspiring to study MBBS in India in 2021 have an opportunity to reappear for NEET 2021, helping them save a year.  Simultaneously, you can also apply to foreign universities while preparing for another shot at NEET.
  • Indian students who wish to study MBBS abroad have another factor to look forward to: reduced fees payment or introduction of the instalment process. Many universities have started offering 50% reduction in their first year’s fees, and some have increased their scholarship capacity. No matter which year of university you’re in, you will be eligible to pay tuition fees in instalments, relieving parents of a huge burden as well as boosting your morale.
  • The whole academic year has shifted by at least a month in India and abroad. Colleges abroad have kept their application processes open till March 2021 to accommodate as many aspirants as possible. On the other hand, Indian medical institutes have undergone a fee hike; colleges with around 6LPA fees have hiked it up to close to 13LPA, creating unnecessary burden on parents.
  • Studying MBBS abroad for Indian students has become a more viable option now that the fees of most Indian medical colleges have hiked. NEET 2021 will bring a fresh scale of opportunities for students who haven’t yet cracked their way to studying MBBS in 2021 (in India or abroad).


With a whole lot of benefits weighing down the “pros” side of studying MBBS abroad like better infrastructure and quality of education, relatively easier entrance exams to get in, international exposure and degree, structured curriculum and English guidance, aspiring MBBS students from India in 2021 are more likely to switch their attention to a foreign university.

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