NEET is the gateway to a striking career in the medical and healthcare field. Also, you can choose any course from MBBS to pharmacy after passing NEET. 

Passing the NEET test is a prerequisite for MBBS in India. If you have passed the test, you are eligible for a medical course depending on your rank. But you can pursue an MBBS in abroad by simply passing the NEET test. Also, you can easily get admission to a college of your choice in a foreign nation. 

Here are fascinating career options after NEET


Every NEET student wants to pursue an MBBS because it paves the way for a great career in the field of healthcare and medical service. MBBS is a six-year course in Uzbekistan and all leading medical boards of the world accredit the degree. If you don’t get an opportunity to study MBBS in India, you can consider Uzbekistan where you can easily get admission to MBBS.

2. Dentistry

Dentistry is both a medical and cosmetic career. People go to dental surgeons to treat their gum problems and improve the visual appearance of their teeth. As a dental surgeon, you can join a leading hospital or start your clinic. You can study dentistry in India or choose to go abroad to study dental science. The advantage of studying abroad is you can save some money.

3. Nutritionist

The drive to pursue an active lifestyle has encouraged people to eat healthy. Everything starts with your eating habits. If you are taking proper nutrition, you won’t suffer from protein or mineral deficiency. Nutrition is a rising career in the healthcare sector. Many medical students are opting for nutritionists these days. If your NEET marks are a little lower, you can choose a nutritionist or go for MBBS in Uzbekistan.

4. Clinical Researcher

Clinical research plays a crucial role in medical services and for this reason, this field is always high in demand. As a clinical researcher, your job will be to investigate samples and you can get an opportunity to work with leading healthcare organizations including WHO. But how you make a career in clinical research depends largely on your training. If you come from a leading university like Samarkand State Medical University, you can make a striking career.

5. Nursing

Nursing is a great career for both male and female students. But it is more rewarding for females. If you want to pursue a leading college, you should look no further than Uzbekistan where there are internationally recognized medical colleges. Studying in Uzbekistan is beneficial in many ways. First, you can rest assured about your admission and second, you can save some money while getting a world-class education.

6. Pharmacy

Pharmacy is a great career option for NEET aspirants. Its advantage is that it provides an opportunity to make a career at the international level. For example, you can easily join a pharmaceutical company anywhere. Or you can choose to start your pharmacy shop in India. Just like MBBS in Uzbekistan, you can pursue pharmacy in any Uzbekistan college and make a striking career. The advantage of Uzbekistan is it provides quality education at an affordable price.


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