MBBS in Uzbekistan is a great choice because it provides an opportunity to study a course of your choice without worrying about NEET score or 12th-class results.

Uzbekistan in central Asia is fast becoming a hub for medical studies, especially for Indian students. This country has many things to offer other than quality education. MBBS in Uzbekistan is more affordable than India. It saves students a good amount in the long run. Also, Uzbekistan medical colleges offer a wide range of medical courses according to the present needs of the market. The easy admission process is also a reason for the popularity of Uzbekistan colleges.

Here are the top medical colleges in Uzbekistan

1. Bukhara State Medical Institute

Bukhara is the fifth-largest city in Uzbekistan and a UNESCO-approved World Heritage Site. It is also known for offering quality education at an affordable price. Bukhara State Medical Institute offers medical degrees in all streams. The good thing is that its degrees are recognized by MCI, WHO, and other reputed medical boards. Whether you want to pursue MBBS or Nursing, it is the best choice. 

2. Andijan State Medical Institute

Despite its recent opening in 1955, the medical institute has done fairly well on every front. Whether it is the number of courses offered, faculty, or fee structure, it scores high over others. It provides all courses you can expect from a medical college of international repute but it is better known for therapeutic, pharmacy, and nursing courses. If you want to make a career in any of these courses, you can get enrolled in Andijan State Medical Institute.

3. Samarkand State Medical Institute

Samarkand State Medical University has a rich history of providing medical education since 1930. Also, it has maintained the quality of education throughout its history. The university was launched by the Uzbek SSR but today it works under the guidance and governance of the Uzbekistan administration. This university is more popular among Indian students because of its courses, experienced faculty, facilities, and accreditation. Also, it has simplified its admission process for the convenience of students. 

4. Tashkent Medical Academy

One of the oldest and largest medical universities in Uzbekistan, Tashkent Medical Academy is the center of center of medical education and research in central Asia. It provides medical education in all branches and has received accolades from international medical boards for its course curriculum and teaching methods. Students from India come here to become doctors, dental surgeons, nurses, pharmacists, and clinical researchers.

5. Tashkent State Dental Institute

If you want to study dentistry to make a striking career in dental science, you can apply for a course in dentistry at this institute and learn the basics of dental science from experienced teachers. Your medical degree will be recognized in India and the world.

6. Second Tashkent State Medical Institute

Most Indian students choose the Second Tashkent State Medical Institute for MBBS in Uzbekistan. It is one of the most renowned institutions of higher learning in the field of medical science. Here you get the best education at the most affordable price. Also, the institute will help build a striking career with campus placements.


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