If you are looking for a medical college, you should know the important factors that can help make a better choice. 

Choosing the right medical college after NEET is the biggest challenge because a college means everything to medical students. The infrastructure of your college, faculty members, and the accreditation can catapult your career. For example, take Samarkand State Medical University. It is one of the renowned medical colleges in Uzbekistan.

Important factors to consider when choosing a medical college

1. Accreditation

The first and most important thing to look into medical colleges is their accreditation. For example, take the Medical Council of India (MCI). It is authorized to recognize medical colleges in the country. MCI approves both Indian and foreign universities. In this way, it allows students to explore more options in medical colleges. The advantage of foreign medical colleges is that they are more affordable than their Indian counterparts.

2. Faculty

A medical college is known by its faculty and for this reason, all medical colleges highlight the qualifications and experience of their faculty members. The advantage of choosing an experienced faculty is you get an opportunity to get an education from renowned teachers. Here Uzbekistan colleges have a clear advantage over others. They employ the best medical teachers in the world. 

3. Facilities

Another important factor that can help in your medical education is the facilities available in your college. You need more than functional laboratories to understand the concepts of surgery. It is for this reason that most Indian students prefer doing MBBS in Uzbekistan. Leading Uzbekistan colleges and universities have world-class facilities for comprehensive training on the latest tools and equipment. You will get the best training in Uzbekistan. 

4. Location

The location also plays a crucial role in determining the value of medical colleges for students. For example, studying in a university where there is no distraction, traffic, or congestion is like a dream come true. You can focus on your studies and maintain your health as well. Here Uzbekistan becomes the right choice. This central Asian country has verdant green lawns and a pollution-free atmosphere. 

5. Tuition fee

It is more affordable to study medical science in Uzbekistan. If you compare the fee structure of Uzbekistan medical colleges and universities with that of Indian, American, or European colleges, you will find Uzbekistan colleges to be more affordable. You can easily save plenty of money in the long run and the money saved can be used for other important things. 

5. Placement

What after completing your medical degree? Your college should help you find a job in the highly competitive field of healthcare and medicine. If you study medical science in Uzbekistan, you will have an opportunity to start an international career. Or you can return to India to start your practice. Your college will support you wherever needed.  


If you want to study medicine, you should choose the best medical college. If you ask education counselors, they will suggest doing MBBS in Uzbekistan where you can get quality education at an affordable price. Also, Uzbekistan medical colleges are world-renowned. They have experienced faculties and they can help start international careers.


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