Bukhara State Medical University is one of the youngest and most popular universities in the world. Its advantage is it gives more than education to promising students.  

Bukhara State Medical University (BSMU) holds a special place within the landscape of medical education in the international field. Established in 1990, BSMU is a relatively younger university in comparison to others. It has a top-of-the-line infrastructure and experienced faculty to provide medical education. Also, it provides much-needed clinical exposure to medical students during the course.

How to get admission to BSMU?

This question will pop into your mind after reading about the advantages of studying in Uzbekistan. BSMU offers a six-year medical course at a nominal fee of $3850 annually. Also, it has simplified the admission procedure so every eligible student gets an opportunity to fulfill their dream.

For admission, you can go to the website of BSMU or take the help of an education consultant. The biggest advantage of involving a consultant is a professional can help you fulfill all requirements on time and send your application for registration in an error-free manner. In short, an educational consultant will enhance your probability of getting selected.  

Who is an education consultant?

An education consultant is an advisor, guide, or mentor of students. Their job is to guide and advise students to choose the right career path. Since you are looking for an MBBS education, a consultant will suggest options or universities better suited for your educational qualification and financial background.

Here’re the advantages of approaching an educational consultant for guidance

1. Personalized Approach

As a student, you have specific needs like your intelligence level, financial strength, and language. An experienced consultant will study your needs and suggest universities where you can easily get admission and complete your studies as well. If you have any questions about the universities suggested, you can get answers to all your queries from a consultant.

2. Comprehensive Information

Education consultants have access to all universities. They know everything about educational institutions like education programs, faculty, fees, and extra-curricular activities. An experienced consultant can educate you on the benefits of Bukhara State Medical University and help fill out your registration form. You can easily choose a university to study medicine with the help of a consultant.

3. Test Preparation

Every Indian student going abroad for higher studies has to pass some standard exams to prove their ability to take education in the English language. An experienced consultant can prepare you for standard tests and make sure that you perform well in mandatory tests. Also, the consultant will prepare you for taking an education at the international university of your choice.


BSMU is the right choice for MBBS. It is a younger university where you will get opportunities to get involved in medical research. It fosters critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a spirit of innovation to encourage its students. Here you will find many students making valuable contributions to the research field.

With more and more Indian students going to study MBBS in Uzbekistan, it becomes necessary for you to look into the factors that make Uzbekistan universities like BSMU their first choice. You can also study medicine at BSMU.


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