It is easy to make a striking career after doing MBBS in Uzbekistan. You can start your practice, join a hospital, or go for research.  

Uzbekistan is fast becoming the first preference of MBBS students because of two reasons. First, it provides quality education at an affordable price. Second, the universities are accredited by NMC, WHO, FAIMER, ECFMG, WFME, and UNESCO. Like others, you can also go to study MBBS in Uzbekistan and make a striking career in medical science.

What does recognition mean for Uzbekistan universities?

It means that the world recognizes Uzbekistan universities and colleges as leading institutions of higher learning. Students passing MBBS degrees from Uzbekistan are recognized as trained doctors and surgeons in their respective fields. They are allowed to set up their clinics in their home countries. You can also start your practice after coming home with an MBBS degree.

Here are the career options for MBBS students

1. Individual practice

It is the most sought-after career option by doctors and surgeons. You can also start your practice wherever you want. You can even run a clinic from your home after obtaining the necessary permission from the local authorities. All you need to start a clinic is a few necessary tools such as a stethoscope, blood pressure monitor, and ECG. You can make a small lab in your home to provide

2. Employment

The demand for healthcare professionals is at an all-time high, especially after the pandemic. New hospitals are opening and they need trained professionals including doctors, surgeons, and paramedics to provide service. After MBBS in abroad in Uzbekistan, you can join a leading hospital as a general physician, pediatrician, dentist, neurosurgeon, or paramedic.  

3. Teaching

If you like teaching, you can join a coaching institute or a medical college. Also, you can start giving online tuition to MBBS students at international universities. The demand for experienced and knowledgeable teachers is never going to reduce. If you are passionate about teaching, you can go ahead to make a striking career in the field of medical studies.

4. Research

Medical research is a vast field with unlimited opportunities for energetic students. If you have an analytical bend of mind and you want to scale new heights in the field of medical science, you can turn to research institutes and the group of international researchers involved in finding treatments for chronic ailments.

Since it is affordable to study MBBS in Uzbekistan, you don’t have to worry about expenses. Also, you can choose a course from a wide range of courses including healthcare management.


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