The Best Medical University for MBBS in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the most popular destinations for Indian students who want to pursue an MBBS abroad. The seats available in the government medical colleges of India is low. On the contrary, the number of students who appeared for the entrance examinations is very high. The private medical colleges in India charge extremely high fees which are not payable by most of the students. Hence, students consider Ukraine as their destination to study in the top medical colleges. 

Ukraine as a favourable destination for MBBS for Indian students

Ukraine is a great option for Indian students who are unable to get into the government medical colleges in India. It is one of the most favourable places for Indian students because of several factors. 

  • The Ukrainian medical institutions charge a very low fee.
  • No capitation or donation fee is charged.
  • The lectures are conducted in English which makes it easy for the Indian students to understand and co-operate with their faculty.
  • Accommodation is very easy. There is a separate girl’s hostel.
  • Top medical universities like Bukovinian Medical University, has the most active Indian student’s welfare society.
  • Finding Indian food on campus is easy.
  • Students get to experience a European standard of living. 
  • Several exposures and opportunities are available for the students in Ukraine.

The Best Medical University in Ukraine

Among the top medical universities in Ukraine, the Bukovinian State Medical University is at the top of the list. It is a government university that was founded 75 years ago. It offers excellent education and world-class facilities. It is recognized by global bodies like MCI, UNESCO, WHO, etc.

More than 1700 Indian students are enrolled at BSMU. They guarantee 100% placements. It consists of seven faculties and forty-seven departments. The faculties are as follows:

  • Medical
  • Prepatory Faculty
  • Nursing
  • Pediatric
  • Stomatological
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Faculty of Advanced Medical Studies

The top advantages that the Bukovinian State Medical University offers to the students are as follows:

  • BSMU offers high-quality education at very affordable prices.
  • The environment is student-friendly and the cost of living is low.
  • The infrastructure is exceptionally good and is fully equipped with all the facilities and modern technologies equipment.
  • The Bukovinian State Medical University has the largest Indian alumni network.
  • Indian food and proper lodging are easily available.
  • No admission test is required. Admission is based on the higher secondary performance.

How to get into the Bukovinian State Medical University?

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