If one is looking for an international medical course, then this is the right article for them. Most medical students find that pursuing MBBSin Uzbekistan is an excellent choice. MBBS is a very popular medical degree in Uzbekistan. It is believed that there are more than 1,000 MBBS graduates in Uzbekistan. Many of the graduates from this country practise as doctors in Uzbekistan, while other graduates also work as doctors in other countries. The cost to study MBBS in Uzbekistan is quite affordable, and the training is of fine standards.

The course of the MBBS study can be compared to the UK National Standards, and the participants are instructed by medical experts. The education is normally finished in three years, and candidates get a certificate obtained from one of the nation’s best institutes. For study MBBS in Uzbekistan is the perfect place for students to study Medical courses.

There are many top medical universities in Uzbekistan, Samarkand State Medical University is one of the best universities in Uzbekistan. The Samarkand State Medical University was the first medical university in Central Asia. The university was established in 1930, it is one of the oldest universities in Uzbekistan from that time Samarkand University has contributed to the medical field of science and research. The major purpose of the University is to develop professionally talented health experts who fulfil quality requirements.

From 2013, Samarkand State Medical University gradually modulated to computerised teaching technologies which help the students to learn practically and can get trained from it. The university provides clinics where the students can be trained to be the best medical practitioner. The University provides education in English and the total phase of medical education is 6 years which includes internship years.

Samarkand State Medical University holds 1st position in Uzbekistan and 7155th position globally, and it is recognized as the Republic of Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education. The university offers bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, doctorate degrees, and many more.

Samarkand State Medical University is well-known for its forward-thinking method of instruction and training. The university is MCI-authorised, and the best aspect is that foreign students’ MBBS degrees are acknowledged in their respective countries, allowing them to work as medical practitioners there.

Samarkand State Medical University has a highly advanced structure. Medical learners have access to digital lecture halls and classrooms, which help them to learn and practice easily and help them to be the best medical practitioners.

The university has relationships and connections with several multinationals from nations such as the United States, Germany, Spain, and Holland. Ukraine, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan are the other countries. Several faculty members of the University have travelled to various research institutions and universities throughout the world to share their knowledge and take research study programs. This University has several professors who are experts in their fields and they have shared their experiences with the students through their lectures. Through all these, the university has acquired its title as the best Medical institute in Central Asia.


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