Studying MBBS abroad in the US and UK is an expensive affair in comparison to other countries, especially Central Asian colleges and universities. While MBBS in the US or UK could cost you around Rs. 50 lakh, MBBS in Uzbekistan could save you a lot of money.

Is education affordable in Uzbekistan?

Yes, getting an education is affordable for foreign students, especially Indian students in Uzbekistan. A large number of Indian students get admission to Uzbek universities and colleges to study medical science. Also, studying medical science in Uzbekistan isn’t only about money but the quality of education as well.

What is the duration of an MBBS course in Uzbekistan?

MBBS is a six year course divided into semesters. The first five years are reserved for classroom study and the last year for practical study when students are posted as doctors in different hospitals and clinics. The fee is paid for each semester separately. Also, students need to bear other necessary expenses that add to the total cost of MBBS.

What is the MBBS fee of the best university in Uzbekistan?

Samarkand State Medical University is the best medical college in Uzbekistan. Also, it is one of the most popular institutions of higher studies in Central Asia. It offers a 6-year MBBS course at a much more affordable price. It is known for maintaining quality and affordability.

Fee breakup of Samarkand Medical College

Samarkand College charges Rs. 3, 20,000 per semester including tuition fees and hostel charges. The total fee stands at Rs. 19, 20,000 but it excludes other expenses like food and mess. If you calculate all necessary charges including tuition fees and hostel charges, you will pay around Rs. 30-33 lakhs in six years. It is the maximum amount but it could vary according to the individual needs of students.

Do I need to pay the entire fee together or yearly?

You can pay fees according to your budget. The university doesn’t force students to pay the entire fee in one go. Students are allowed to pay a yearly fee to get some respite and time to arrange funds. Also, students can look for ways to further reduce their expenses.

Samarkand State Medical University gets maximum admissions from India because of its affordable fee structure and quality of education. Also, it is recognized by all leading medical boards of the world. If you are looking for an MBBS abroad, you can go to Uzbekistan.  


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