Mbbs In China

For students who cannot ensure a berth in the medical colleges and also cannot pay a hefty amount in the Private medical colleges in India can look for destinations abroad. Among other nations, China in recent years has emerged as a strong contender for MBBS studies.

MBBS in China is favored among Indian nationals since:- 
● World-class medical education. Most of the Chinese Medical Universities rank in the first 500 Universities of the world.

● Great Infrastructure for medical studies

● State-of-the-art laboratories and Medical aids are considered at- par with any other country in the world.

● The cost of studying MBBS in China is much lower. The fees required are in the range of Rs 2.20 lakhs –Rs 7.87 lakhs per year which is much more than the private colleges in India or if compared with the cost of education in the USA or UK. 

● The Medical Council of India recognizes these courses and there are around 45 such approved Universities offering MBBS in China. They are directly run by the Ministry of Education, China. Apart from these WHO also recognizes this degree. This ensures a global degree with ample job opportunities once a student passes out.

● China is densely populated, which gives every student a chance to see more patients and more varied diseases to treat during studies. Thus when a student leaves college after doing MBBS in China he happens to have a much richer exposure in the medical field than students doing MBBS in other parts of the world. 

● Students with low marks are also eligible to apply. There are no entrance examinations.

● The course duration is of 6 years wherein the first five years are for normal exposure and studies and the final year is of Internship.

● The medium of instruction is English and thus Indian students can easily understand.

● The cost of living is quite reasonable in China and usually, on-campus living facilities are available in most of the Universities.

Approximately 10,000 students in the last two years have stationed themselves for MBBS in China. The students usually are from Asian and Pacific countries of India, Bangladesh, Maldives, Nepal, Afghanistan, and Africa.
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