Many deserving aspirants choose to pursue their MBBS in China, mainly because its eligibility criteria does not require to appear in any entrance examinations, along with its affordable fees structure. The students have the liberty to choose from various Medical Universities in China, which have the approval of the Medical Council of India. Chinese universities do not demand high qualifying marks; hence many candidates who wish to become a doctor pursue their degree from China, where universities accept average scores for their MBBS Program. 

The education facilities at the Chinese Universities are at par with the western educational institutions 

The Chinese Medical Universities have the reputation of being the forefront in the world of medical science, and most have a rank in the top 500 medical institutes of the world. The various course MBBS programs have their medium of communication as English. Thus, Indians students find it easy to grasp the course. Most graduates, after graduation with MBBS, choose to pursue post-graduation from the universities also. 

The cost of living and tuitions fees are comparatively much lower in China

In India, the tuition fees of a private medical institution are costly. Some of the institutions require a donation of a lump sum amount for even securing a seat. Choosing to be a doctor is a well-regarded profession in India. Hence, the field of medicine in India is very competitive. And, because of the demand, the institutions also charge a hefty amount, for the degree. But, in China, the cost of living is low along with its tuition fees.  China is also very economical for international students, when in comparison with the US or UK. 

Numerous internship opportunities 

With the population of the country being over one billion, studying in China provides you with opportunities to learn plenty of cases throughout the clinical years. The medical industry of China is multiplying and has the potential to become one of the best in the world. Studying in China and pursuing your MBBS in China is beneficial for your both, career and gaining experience with various critical cases. 

China is one such country, where you can fulfil your dreams of becoming a doctor, without spending a hefty fortune. Also, you have the opportunity to study and explore one of the oldest civilizations of the time. China has a diverse society where students from various countries come in, for their higher education in universities. The multicultural environment makes it easy to live and continue higher education without any hindrances. 


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