You have many choices post-MBBS. For example, you can become a writer or a manager. Or you can become an advisor to law enforcement agencies.  

When it comes to making a career after MBBS, starting a clinic or joining a hospital seems the best option. But little do you know that studying MBBS from a leading institution such as Samarkand State Medical University provides more career choices.

Here are the career options for MBBS students

1. Hospital Management

You can become a manager in a hospital. Your knowledge will help boost the healthcare services of the hospital. Also, you can bring speed and transparency to the service. As a doctor, you will be in a better position to use the talent of your team. You can identify talent and make the best possible use of your employees.

2. Medico legal advisor

As a medical legal advisor, your role will be to work closely with legal teams and help crack criminal cases involving medical science. It is a new career opportunity and suitable for adventure lovers. Your advice and opinion will be crucial in solving crimes. You will help law enforcement agencies in maintaining law and order.

3. Medical Professor

You can become a teacher or tutor for students preparing for medical entrance exams. Also, you can start your online tuition service to help medical students at international universities. You can join a coaching institute in your home country after completing MBBS in Uzbekistan or migrate to any other country where you have better opportunities.

4. Fitness Doctor

Just like law enforcement agencies, fitness centers also need the help of doctors. Your presence is needed to manage medical emergencies like sports injuries or stroke. Gyms and other fitness centers hire doctors for their members. You can join a health center as a physiotherapist or general physician and help health-conscious folks stay fit.

5. Public Healthcare Worker

If you want to do public service such as charity, you can become a public healthcare worker and help the needy and poor people. You can join a non-profit group or start your group. Public health is a large field and it knows no boundaries. Doctors working with international NGOs work in different countries.

6. Writer/Researcher

If you love writing, you can write books and research papers for the medical community. In this way, you can share your knowledge and experience with others. Writing books and editorials is a great way to serve humanity. You can even form a research group at Samarkand State Medical University and keep the group active post-studies.


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