study MBBS in Uzbekistan A degree in medicine from an accredited college is needed to start a fascinating and rewarding career in the field of medical sciences. For example, you can start practicing as an independent doctor or join a reputed hospital or clinic. Whether you study MBBS in Uzbekistan or any other country, you can choose any of the following careers after completing your degree.


1. Independent practice


Most doctors choose to start their practices like dentists, general physicians, dermatologists, child specialists, ENT specialists, eye specialists, and gynecologists. Depending on your knowledge and availability of support, you can also choose to start a clinic that you can develop into a hospital in the future. You can start small and grow your services with time. It is the best way to start a great career.


2. Joining healthcare industry


Many young doctors accept high-paying job offers from leading healthcare facilities. You can also join a hospital and clinic and earn a good amount every month. The advantage of joining a facility is that you get everything at your disposal. Also, it is a great way to get experience before starting your independent service. The exposure you will get in a hospital is hard to get in independent service.


3. Medical teacher


Many students study MBBS in Uzbekistan to become teachers. You can also enter the teaching profession as there is a great demand for medical teachers in India. For example, you can start tuition classes for students preparing for admission to medical colleges. Or you can join a medical college as a professor. Striking career opportunities await medical graduates like you.


4. Medical representatives


Medical representatives or MRs as they are usually called in the healthcare industry work like marketing executives for healthcare companies. For example, take a dentist who can sell dental care products to hospitals, clinics, and chemists using their knowledge and experience. Similarly, other medical graduates can use their knowledge and training to educate people on the uses and advantages of medical equipment.         

5. Government sector


If you want, you can join government service as a doctor. You will be posted in a government dispensary anywhere in the country and offered a fixed salary. It is a lucrative job opportunity as it provides job security and financial growth. Bukhara State Medical University is one of the best medical universities in Uzbekistan. It is a reputed institution of higher learning in the field of medical sciences.  


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