Bukhara State Medical Institute (BSMI) is known for setting high standards in medical education in the world. Started in 1990, BSMI attracted the attention of the world within a short of coming into being. Today it stands tall among the leading institutions of learning.

Here’re the strengths of BSMI

  1. Academic Excellence

BSMI maintained a high level of academic excellence since its inception. It offers the full list of medical courses including pharmacy, nursing, and psychology. The university could be new for the world but it is second to none in academic excellence.

  1. Excellent Facility

Achieving excellence in academic education wasn’t possible without equipping its facility with modern classrooms, laboratories, labs, and conference halls. Excellence in academic learning encourages students to give their best and this is evident from the strong alumni network of the BSMI.

  1. Excellent Research Opportunities

BSMI students are always ahead in research work and the credit for their interest in research work goes to the excellent research opportunities available for the students. Also, the university places a strong emphasis on research work.

  1. International Recognition

BSMI graduates excel in their chosen fields because their degrees are recognized by all leading institutions of the world. BSMI degrees are internationally recognized. The global recognition of BSMI education programs adds value to the education system of the university.

  1. Excellent Environment

Students from across the globe come to study MBBS in Uzbekistan because here they get a multicultural environment that helps them in focusing their studies. They come from different backgrounds but share their cultural values. It is called a truly multicultural environment.

  1. Emphasis on Practical Training

BSMI has a special emphasis on practical training. The expert faculty at the university understands the benefit of practical learning in the field of medical sciences. Here students are provided an opportunity to test their knowledge and gain early experience.

  1. Social Responsibility

BSMI wants its students to understand their social responsibility and do the needful for society. The university prepares outreach programs so the students can reach out to the farthest places and make quality healthcare available to everyone.

  1. Excellent Environment

Together all the above-mentioned factors create an excellent environment for students. They feel at home and do well in their chosen streams. Samarkand is a historical city with many places to visit and explore. Students enjoy their stay in Samarkand.

  1. Personal Growth and Development

BSMI students get more opportunities for personal growth and development. The university has many extra-curricular activities including cultural programs and sports that help students develop multiple skills.

  1. Support and Guidance

BSMI students have the advantage of professional support and guidance from the university. Also, they get help from alumni. It shouldn’t be surprising to know that BSMI alumni are spread across the globe and working with various organizations in different capacities.


Bukhara State Medical Institute is one of the leading institutions of the world that are providing learned and trained medical professionals including pharmacists, nurses, and physiotherapists to the world. Also, the BSMI students are doing a commendable job in the medical field.  


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