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In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, many people have realized that one of the most respectful and rewarding professions is the medical profession. And in most of the countries, millions of students dream of becoming a doctor one day. But becoming a doctor can cost a lot to many, but who said that studying MBBS is only confined to the motherland? Several places are there where studying MBBS is way affordable, and one such place is Armenia, as MBBS in Armenia is like quality education served at the best price.

Studying in Armenia is the best option especially for pursuing MBBS abroad. Given that medical colleges in Armenia are well-packed with well-equipped laboratories, modern infrastructure, the low cost of studying MBBS, quality medical education, and good clinical exposure speaking why MBBS in Armenia attracts students.    

Why Choose MBBS in Armenia

  • The colleges of Armenia offer state of the art infrastructure mixed with high-class modern technologies. So, if you plan to gain practical knowledge with the assistance of all modern and advanced technologies, Armenia is the place for you. 
  • The environment of Armenia is wonderful for everyone, no matter what religion, place, or country the person belongs to.
  • Pursuing MBBS in Armenia is very low compared to the price of studying MBBS in other countries.
  • Getting a Visa from Armenia is not a difficult task as compared to getting a Visa for other countries. 
  • The language of education is English, so no need to worry about clearing IELTS and TOEFL.
  • World-class library, laundry services, canteen facilities, living accommodation along with Wi-Fi, everything is up to the mark in the Armenian MBBS Colleges. 
  • Armenian colleges do not just offer an MBBS programme but also offer other relatable degrees in the field of medicine. So, if you want to go for something other than MBBS but not wander far from medicine, Armenia is the best option.
  • Along with the low cost of studying MBBS, Armenia also offers several International scholarships as well. A bonus point for a student who needs assistance to manage the tuition fees.
  • The students can also enjoy the opportunity of various exchange programmes. 
  • Student safety, a concern of several parents, is also essential to Armenian colleges and Armenian officials, so students should not be anxious about their safety. 
  • When doing an internship in Armenia, students can also practice in the hospitals. 

These are some benefits of pursuing MBBS in Armenia.

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