Russia is regarded as one of the most prominent educational systems for medical students with global interests. For global students, the top ranking Universities are that and more; a modern, welcoming, and sensibly inspiring place to study MBBS in Russia.

The top Universities of Russia offer a vast range of MBBS courses and programs. International students in Russia can pursue intellectually challenging and exciting coursework by the side of their Russian peers. These Russian Universities are dedicated to advancing an ever-evolving student body, curriculum, and campus life that carries on giving forth its repute as the most impressive places.

Benefits of pursuing MBBS in Russia

  • No entrance test is required for admission to a Russian medical university. Admission is based on the student’s 12th class performance. If students have over 60% in your 12th class then preference will be offered to you.
  • One of the reasons students prefer Russian universities is their fee structure. The fee structure is very low as compared to other medical universities. In Russia, living expenses are also reasonably priced. 
  • As students studying MBBS in Russia get educated for the MCI Screening Test, they have the chance to practice in any other country at no additional cost.
  • Russia is home to several ethnicities who speak more than 100 different languages. It entices students from all across the world. Hence, the students who choose to study MBBS in Russia get a taste of a varied, multi-cultural environment.
  • A degree from a Russian university in MBBS is accepted all across the world by WHO, UNESCO, European Council, MCI, and other authorized bodies. Thus, it has become a popular choice amongst students to pursue MBBS in Russia.
  • The Russian Universities are well equipped with high-level equipment for scientific centers, laboratories, class centers and study facilities. Most Russian universities have their individual dormitories with a comparatively low cost of accommodations. The campus is completely equipped with air-conditions and other compulsory commodities which is a source of attraction to the MBBS aspirants.

Now you have to make up your mind regarding the medical journey of becoming an MBBS Doctor from top medical Universities of Russia. You have seen the above mentioned benefits of studying medicine in Russia already. All that you need to do is select a top medical University from a list of Universities in Russia and apply for admission after checking your eligibility criteria for admission and fee structure according to your budget. Study MBBS in top medical University MCI Approved of Russia without any donations. 

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