Uzbekistan in Central Asia has become a hub of medical education. Students from across the globe reach Uzbekistan to pursue their dream of studying medicine.

Most students choose to study MBBS in Uzbekistan and they have convincing reasons to go to this Central Asian country to pursue degrees in medicine. In ancient times, Uzbekistan was an important country due to its strategic location on the Silk Route. But today it is more popular for education of international standards.

Let’s discuss the reasons behind popularity of Uzbekistan universities

  1. Accreditation

The first thing you will look into a medical university is its accreditation and here Uzbekistan medical colleges have an advantage. Universities in Uzbekistan are accredited by the government of Uzbekistan and international authorities including the World Health Organization (WHO).

  1. Language of Instruction

You won’t face any problems with language because the universities use English as a medium of teaching. English is an international language that everyone knows or every international student should know. The English language will help you communicate and connect with fellow students. Also, English will help you find a job at the international level.

  1. Quality of Education

Medical universities in Uzbekistan maintain a high-standard of education. They have experienced faculties, state-of-the-art facilities, and everything needed to provide quality education. Also, the colleges work hard to maintain the standard of their teaching. You won’t find any college or university in Uzbekistan lagging behind any institution of higher learning.

  1. International Relations

Medical colleges and universities in Uzbekistan maintain good relations with other institutions of international repute. And it shouldn’t be surprising to know that medical students of the rank 1 medical university in Uzbekistan go to work with prestigious research centers and produce research papers and medical journals. Also, they are employed by leading healthcare facilities in the world.

  1. Student Support Service

Uzbekistan has a strong support service for international students. Whether it is accommodation, career counseling, or extracurricular activities, you will get everything within your university or college. Together the support system will make it easier for you to adjust in the changed environment.

  1. Fees and Scholarship

A medicine program in Uzbekistan won’t cost you much because the Central Asian colleges have reasonable fees in comparison to others. Also, you can further make your medical study affordable by getting a scholarship.


Like others, you can also choose to study MBBS in Uzbekistan and realize your dream of becoming a surgeon and working with a leading healthcare facility of international repute. Also, you don’t have to worry about the fee or accreditation of your MBBS degree.


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