MBBS in Uzbekistan

MBBS is a very popular career option today. Every year more than ten lakh students aim to get into this field but the number of medical institutes in India is quite less so the competition becomes very tough. If you are a good student then consider doing MBBS in Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan is a country in Central Asia. This country is one of the best options for MBBS. The MBBS course offered by the medical institutes here is of 5 years duration. The educational quality of these institutes is top-notch and is recognized all over the world.

What are the perks of doing MBBS in Uzbekistan?

● The main advantage of choosing Uzbekistan is the cost factor, here students will enjoy great education at a very affordable price.
● There are ample accommodation options so the students can settle down without any problem.
● The top universities here are recognized by global bodies like WHO and the Medical Council of India (MCI).
● All the institutes here have great infrastructure and an awesome environment.
● The medium of instructions is in English so the students will not face any communication problem.
● Educational loans and scholarships are available here to the Indian students.
● There are plenty of career opportunities after doing MBBS in Uzbekistan.
● Indian food is easily available here.
● This country is very safe and the transportation system is also good.

Top Medical Institutes for MBBS in Uzbekistan

● Samarkand State Medical Institute
● Bukhara State Medical Institute
● Andijan State Medical Institute
● Tashkent Medical University

Uzbekistan is an amazing option to pursue an MBBS degree. The degree is recognized globally and there are plenty of placement opportunities available to the students.

If any student faces any problem then they can contact MD House which is an agency that provides assistance to the students throughout the whole process. They provide every student with experts who know what is best for the students.


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