Every year millions of students from across the globe come to study MBBS in Uzbekistan. Here they get higher standards of academics, practical training opportunities, collaboration with international universities, and a multicultural environment. Also, they love the socio-cultural environment, weather, and landscape of the central Asian country.

Today Uzbekistan is home to some of the best institutions of learning. These institutes provide quality education to medical students. Also, they offer all courses in all streams related to medicine. If you want to become a doctor or a paramedic, you can also get envolled in one of the following universities of Uzbekistan.

1. Samarkand State Medical University  

An esteemed institution of learning, it offers diverse medical programs including medicine, pharmacy, and psychology. Its history can be traced back to 1930. Today this institution is considered a symbol of dedication to healthcare education. Also, the city of Samarkand offers a multicultural environment to the students.

2. Bukhara State Medical Institute  

This university came into being in 1990 but covered a long distance to become one of the most prestigious institutions in the world in a short time. Today it is considered the epitome of academic excellence and training. It boasts a state-of-the-art facility and an expert faculty to provide education.  

3. Tashkent State Dental Institute  

Started in 2014, Tashkent State Dental Institute is one of the best institutions for studying dentistry. It provides a comprehensive training program in oral health. Also, the degrees provided by the institutions are recognized by the world. Its students can be found practicing dentistry all across the globe.

4. First Tashkent State Medical Institute  

Established in 1990, the university has a rich history dating back the year 1920. Today it plays a crucial role in providing quality medical education to students from across the globe. Just like its colorful history, it has excellent faculty members and a top-notch infrastructure for higher learning.

5. Second Tashkent State Medical Institute  

Founded in 1990, it has set high standards of learning in the field of medicine. Its dedication to medical education and research is evident from the selection of faculty members to provide modern classrooms and laboratories to students. Today this top medical university in Uzbekistan is considered one of the best institutions of learning in the world.

6. Akfa University Medical School

Starting in 2019, Akdfa University took little time in getting recognized by the leading medical institutions of the world. Today it is one of the best institutions of medical education. Its comprehensive medical programs provide maximum options to students. Also, it’s research-based education and practical learning help students in realizing their dreams.

7. Fergana State University Medical Centre

Started in 1920, Fergana State University Medical Centre is a top medical university in Uzbekistan and a centre of medical excellence in Uzbekistan and one of the leading institutions of learning in the world. It serves as a hub for quality diagnostics, treatment, and patient care. Both its faculty and students make healthcare services available and affordable to all.


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