op 10 Medical Universities in Ukraine

There has been a recent splurge among the medical aspirants in India to study MBBS in foreign countries like China, Mauritius, Russia, etc. This has happened since the private medical colleges are quite expensive in India and increased competition for assuring a seat in government medical colleges.

Ukraine has emerged as one of the most favored destinations in this regard. There are innumerable Medical Universities among them the top 10 Medical Universities in Ukraine are as follows:-

  1. Bukovinian State Medical University- Founded in 1944. It is considered one of the
    topmost colleges in Ukraine.
  2. Bogomolets National Medical University- Founded in 1841 is one of the premier
    medical universities not only in Ukraine but in the entire Europe who has three major
    faculties of Medicine, Stomatology, and Pharmacy.
  3. Danylo Halytsky Lviv State Medical University- Founded in 1784. This university
    has 78 departments. The University has 14 buildings and the medium of instruction is
  4. Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy- Founded in 1916, the Academy has 1100
    employees and around 646 teaching staff. The medium of instruction is English.
  5. Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University-Founded in 1945, the University has
    around 13 faculties and has trained more than 17,000 students since inception.
  6. Kharkiv National Medical University – Founded in 1805, the University has around
    700 teachers and is recognized by UNESCO also. Around 7500 students have already
    passed out from this University.
  7. Kyiv Medical University of Uafm Kiev- Founded in 1992 this University is
    considered one of the best Ukraine can offer. This University is also recognized by
  8. Lugansk State Medical University—Founded in 1956 there are around 3000 students
    from 60 countries and the course is also recognized by USMLE.
  9. Odessa National Medical University- Founded in 1900, this University presently
    enrolls approximately around 1200 International students among a total of 4000
    students. This University is a self-governed and approved medical University.
  10. Ternopil National Medical University- Founded in 1957, the University has 60
    departments with more than 600 faculty out of which there are about 85 professors.

The cost of studying in these Universities are tabulated as under

Approximate fees  in Universities of Ukraine in Rs for 6 years
UniversityTotal fees *( in lakhs)
Bogomolets National Medical University23.53
Bukovinian State medical university18
DanyloHalytskyLviv State Medical University23.53
Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy19.11
IvanoFrankivsk National Medical University19.89
Kharkiv National Medical University23.4
Kyiv Medical University of Uafm Kiev19.11
Lugansk State Medical University16.08
Odessa National Medical University26.65
Ternopil National Medical University19.11
*Fees include Tuition fees, hostel accommodation, and Insurance

As evident these all Universities are very old and they have established themselves in the field of imparting high-class Medical Education. Among these universities, Bukovinian State Medical University is the best university in Ukraine.


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