Becoming a doctor is a dream that most Indian students dream and study hard for the same also. But the cut-throat competition and the high demands of the private medical institutions make it impossible for the students to continue with their dreams. Students who believe in themselves prefer going to foreign countries to Study MBBS abroad and fulfil their dream of becoming a doctor. The neighbouring country, Bangladesh, which has a similar climatic pattern along with culture and food eating habits, is becoming a destination for Indian students to pursue a medical career.

Bangladesh shares the same temperature zone with that of India. Hence, students do not feel homesick. Studying in Bangladesh is like studying in a place which is just like home. The curriculum, the course structure, the quality of education, the books, along with the entire syllabus is similar to that in the Indian Medical institutions. The course fee is relatively much less than that of the private medical institutions in India. Indian students mostly look for an affordable living and lower course fee structure.

MBBS in Bangladesh is the best option for students who aspire to become doctors but are second- guessing themselves because of financial problems or the results of a competitive examination. Securing a seat in the best medical universities in Bangladesh is a seamless procedure. The student must be 17 years and above with 50% above marks in the 12 th boards’ examination with the PCB combination, and the passed NEET certificate.

With students from different parts of the country studying in Bangladesh, the environment is very friendly and adjustable for the Indian students. The best medical universities in Bangladesh are recognized by WHO, MCI and Bangladesh Medical Organizations. With a lot of similarities with India, Bangladesh, is an ideal country for Indian students to pursue their dreams without compromising with the quality of education.


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