Is MBBS from Ukraine valid in India

Ukraine is one of the best international destinations to study MBBS and the cost of studying MBBS here is 70% lower than any other private medical college in India. The universities here offer world-class medical education and are featured with experienced professors, a world- class library, and excellent infrastructure.

MBBS in Ukraine is Valid in India:

The MBBS program offered by the universities in Ukraine is valid in India and all over the world. The MBBS program is about 6 years long and has been divided into two parts. The first five years are dedicated to classroom education and the last year of study is reserved for clinical practice and rotational internships. This one year of rotational internship is compulsory.

The course curriculum in medical universities approved by the Medical Council of India is similar to the MBBS curriculum in India. The classroom studies include both theoretical classes and practical sessions and exams will be conducted semester-wise. Students have to clear all the semester examinations to be eligible for practical training.

But students have to make sure that they choose universities that are approved by the MCI so that the degree becomes valid back home.

Advantages of graduating from Ukraine:

Ukraine is one of the top three countries to study MBBS for Indian students. Some of the best medical colleges in Ukraine have world ranks, substantiating the quality of medical education in the country. The course is taught entirely in the English language and offers an international
level of teaching and learning experience for the students. Students get to learn on an international level of education and get along with people from different cultures, helping them to get shaped holistically.

Career prospects of studying MBBS in Ukraine:

● After completing MBBS from Ukraine, the students can opt to study PG from China, Russia, Armenia, and other countries apart from India.

● They can choose to pursue higher education or practice in Ukraine itself and settle in the country.

● And after clearing a small screening test proposed by the MCI, the students can start practicing in India or pursue higher education here.

Thus, an MBBS degree from Ukraine is no less than an MBBS degree from anywhere in the world as the career prospects of the students are bright and diverse.

Bottom Line:

The MBBS Degree from Ukraine Universities is valid in India and all over the world. Every year, hundreds of Indian students enroll in the medical colleges of Ukraine to pursue the medical course. After completing their study, they can either choose to study or work in India, after clearing the FMGE screening test by the Medical Council of India.


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