MBBS in Ukraine in 2021

Point of view: you are an aspiring MBBS student in 2021 faced with a dilemma about whether you should get the education and degree from India or opt for a country abroad. Maybe you have already made your mind about studying abroad but cannot exactly pinpoint which country can provide you the best program. Ukraine is one country known for housing foreign MBBS students and providing them top-notch education and an esteemed degree.


For someone who just heard about the prospects of studying MBBS in Ukraine, you might feel a little lost or overwhelmed with the inadequacy of information you have at the moment. But, here’s a quick comparison weighing out the pros and cons of the same. Before you start reading this, make sure to erase from your memory any advice you may have received previously from consultancies or agencies, trying to sway you in a certain direction. With that in mind, here you go!

The pros:

  • The USMLE exam is relatively easy to clear with proper guidance and material. I say relatively, assuming that you have already tried appearing for the NEET exam and haven’t been able to get through the first time.
  • The education you’ll receive is in accordance with international standards, meaning that you will become adept to practicing medicine in any corner of the world.
  • Better communication and exposure to study several diseases across the globe. Ukraine even has an upper hand in practical implementations due to their hands-on opportunities with an abundance of cadavers.
  • If you wish to settle in Europe, an MBBS from Ukraine is the perfect way for you to go, because settlement opportunities for Ukraine MBBS graduates are higher in European countries.

The cons:

  • If you’re not a self-motivated student and always need a push to completely immerse yourself into studying, be it a parent or a mentor, this might not be the program for you. Living alone in a country with such an enjoyable atmosphere can easily distract you, especially if you are used to being coaxed into studying. In this particular circumstance, it’s suggested that you reappear for NEET and fully commit to it.
  • The climate in Ukraine is cold throughout the year so, if you can’t withstand the cold for long durations, it’s a given that you can’t adapt to the place.


Studying MBBS in Ukraine is a good option all-in-all. But you always need to completely dedicate yourself to the program you’ve chosen. It’s definitely a better option to hit bull’s-eye with Ukraine if you can’t get through the NEET exam on your first attempt. Reappearing after a year’s preparation or only applying to a foreign university when you have wasted a couple years trying to get into an Indian university might not be the best choice.


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