Samarkand State Medical Institute is the first institute of central Asia founded in 1930 and located in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. It is one of the biggest Institutes counted among the MCI approved universities of Uzbekistan, certainly a better option for medical aspirants for doing MBBS. The institute made a priceless contribution to medical science development on a world level. Incorporation of the credit module education system based on meeting meets the requirements of ECTS which attracts foreign students actively.

This medical institute has technical foundation and rich material. All facilities are available for obtaining top quality MBBS education, accommodation, and leisure activities. Apply on the official website of Samarkand State Medical Institute and fill accurate details of application forms for taking admission in MBBS course.

Reasons why medical aspirants should choose Samarkand State Medical Institute for MBBS:

● The institute has well-set clinical laboratories.
● Best ranking medical institution of Uzbekistan.
● The university offers multimedia classrooms and lecture halls for medical aspirants.
● The medium of instruction in the English language.
● Outstanding methodology together with educational materials for pursuing MBBS.
● The university is recognised by medical bodies officially.
● The institute has the education loan facility together with the low fee structure.
● The university campus has all top top-class facilities.
● Institute has partnerships and collaboration with numerous educational and international organisations.
● The institute has a scientific library set with modern techniques, internet connection, computer labs, and other resources like E-textbooks, lecture texts, multimedia and CDs, and E-magazines, etc.
● The university has a team of professional members guaranteeing a high quality of training to students with medical education.
● Entails contemporary medical equipment like ultrasound diagnostic devices, operating microscopes, video endoscopy devices, gamma lasers, endoscopy, anaesthesia apparatus, incubators, and ECG, etc.


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