MBBS in Uzbekistan for Indian Students Uzbekistan in central Asia is fast emerging as a hub for studying medical science in the world. It has some advantages over others, especially the British and American universities that prefer only English-speaking students or those who can pass their IELTS exam. But you can do MBBS in Uzbekistan without making your first language.


Eligibility for medical studies in Uzbekistan


Any student of science stream with 50% of aggregate marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology is eligible to study medical science in any of the universities or colleges in Uzbekistan. IELTS/TOFEL isn’t mandatory but you need to pass the NEET test. If you can fulfil these requirements, you can go to Uzbekistan to fulfill your dream of studying medical science.


Courses Offered


Uzbekistan medical universities and colleges offer a wide range of courses including MBBS and healthcare management. Also, they keep adding more courses to their lists to attract more students. They want to offer all the courses available in other high-end institutes in the US and Europe. For Uzbekistan, it isn’t about competing with others but providing an opportunity to every promising science student.


Medium of teaching


English is the medium of teaching at Tashkent Medical Academy and all other institutions of higher learning. You will get an education in English so you can compete with your counterparts in the US and Europe. The advantage of using English as a medium of teaching is to allow students to communicate with the international medical fraternity. English boosts confidence and helps students use journals and reports published by renowned medical institutes.




Uzbek medical colleges are known for offering modern infrastructure such as digital classrooms, well-equipped labs, and the availability of medical tools and equipment. You will get everything needed to develop a deeper understanding of the medical procedures that you can apply while providing treatments to patients. The first-hand experience received at college will boost your confidence.




Studying medical science is more affordable in Uzbekistan in comparison to other countries. Affordable fee structure and lower cost of living make it easier for students belonging to middle-income groups to live their dreams of becoming doctors, surgeons, and other medical professionals.


Recognition & Accreditation


MBBS in Uzbekistan is recognized and accredited by all major medical boards including NMC and WHO. You can start your practice or look for a job after completing your studies in a Uzbek medical college of high reputation.


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