Uzbekistan is a landlocked country in Central Asia that has a diverse and rich heritage, backed by layers of history. Presently, Uzbekistan has various medical universities that offer MBBS abroad with many other degrees in the field of medicine to all local and international students. The universities are recognized by some of the world’s major medical institutions like MCI, WDOMS, etc. Pursuing MBBS in Uzbekistan is an ideal option for most Indian medical aspirants. The universities in Uzbekistan offer a six-year MBBS course in English medium at an affordable rate. Its standard of education is equivalent to other developed countries like the UK, USA, Canada, etc. Medical graduates from these universities can apply for any medical licensing examination and obtain a certificate to work in any part of the world.

Time duration and fee structure of the course-

The time duration of MBBS in Uzbekistan is six years. It includes five years of clinical and theoretical rotations and one year of mandatory internship. In those five years of the MBBS course, students learn through practical training and are encouraged to attend clinical rounds at the university’s affiliated hospitals. This helps the student gain better experience in the medical field and become a better doctor.

The cost of MBBS in Uzbekistan is approximately 15 to 16 lakhs for international students. In addition, tuition fees are included. This tuition fee amount includes the cost of living at the university, library charges, and hostel fees. There is a qualified teaching faculty for every subject. The professors are always available to assist students and help them with better learning.

Reasons for choosing MBBS in Uzbekistan-

  • Advanced hospitals.
  • Quality education.
  • Lower fees and living costs.
  • Comfortable climate.
  • English medium education.

Some of the key features of pursuing MBBS in Uzbekistan-

  • Globally renowned degrees- all medical universities of Uzbekistan are accredited by ECFMG, WDOMS, FAIMER, and the Medical Council of leading countries such as the UK, US, Australia, Canada, etc.

  • Extremely affordable education- It has several medical universities recognized by leading bodies like MCI and WDOMS. The overall cost of pursuing an MBBS is affordable in Uzbekistan.

  • Best educational practices- Their education practices are top quality and follow advanced practices for high-quality education.

State-of-art infrastructure and extracurricular activities-

Medical universities are fully equipped with technical advances, modern technologies, laboratories, and libraries to educate and train medical aspirants to be excellent doctors.

Apart from encouraging the students to engage in seminars, workshops, or conferences, the universities have many extracurricular activities and sports to keep the students mentally and physically active. Simultaneously, clinical rotations conducted by these medical universities help students prepare to practice medicine globally.

Uzbekistan is one of the most famous destinations to study MBBS abroad because of its pragmatic and systematic approaches to these medical universities. It is culturally diverse and one of the safest countries to continue your studies. It provides uncountable opportunities to the students and provides them with the experience of a high-standard, modern, globally valued medical education.

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