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Uzbekistan has earned its title as one of the best places to study MBBS for native as well as international students.Uzbekistan is a transcontinental nation in Central Asia with a rich, varied history and a rich heritage. Nowadays, all domestic and foreign students can study MBBS in Uzbekistan as well as abroad, along with many other degrees in the medical industry, at one of the several medical colleges in Uzbekistan.

One of the best medical institutions to study MBBS in Uzbekistan is Samarkand State Medical University, which is an MCI-recognised university. Pursuing MBBS in Uzbekistan, especially at the Samarkand State Medical University, can be an ideal decision for medical aspirants. Its educational standards are comparable to those of other industrialised nations like the UK, the United States, Canada, etc. Graduates of Samarkand State Medical University in Uzbekistan are eligible to appear for any medical licensing test and receive a certificate allowing them to practise medicine anywhere in the world.

Not only in regards to the course but also for the MBBS students, it is also necessary to shed light on the culture and cuisine of Uzbekistan. This article is a guide for MBBS students.

Culture of Uzbekistan

The colourful and distinctive culture of Uzbekistan was developed over thousands of years by fusing the traditions and practises of the numerous peoples that have inhabited the area where modern-day Uzbekistan now stands. Uzbek culture, which is regarded as the pinnacle of Central Asian, crossroads civilizations, has benefited from the contributions of the ancient Persians, Greeks, Arabs, Chinese, Russians, and nomadic Turkic tribes.

In Uzbekistan, hospitality has a long history of custom, and guests are treated with the utmost respect and given the finest care by the host. So it can be said that Uzbekistan offers a mixed culture, which can be easier for students coming from various nations to adapt to and get acquainted with. The music, dancing, painting, arts, language, food, and dress of Uzbekistan all represent the country’s multiethnic heritage.

Cuisine of Uzbekistan

There are various options one can get when it comes to the cuisine or food culture in Uzbekistan. Among the various main courses, the baked bread, or naan, baked in a tandoor, and the palov have made their place as the staple foods of the country. Palov, or pilaf, is a main course typically made up of rice, meat, grated carrots, and onions. Shurpa and fresh vegetables, Norin and Lagman, noodle dishes, qasqoni, chuchvara, and somsa, and other kebabs, which are typically served as a main course, are other noteworthy national specialities.

Green tea is a national beverage here. Along with these vegan or vegetarian dishes, they are also available exclusively in Uzbekistan, making it convenient for every student who visits there to study.

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