Bukovinian State Medical University, Ukraine is chosen as a leader in online medical education in a pandemic situation by thousands of MBBS students & their parents.

Bukovinian State Medical University, Ukraine is the 1st medical university in Ukraine which started online education for students studying in MBBS at different years. In this tough time of Coronavirus pandemic many Schools, Colleges & Universities all over the world have faced difficulties. All institutions faced difficulties in order to continue their education, but at the same time some institutions came out with shine & new hope to all medical students like Bukovinian State Medical University which become the first university in Ukraine who started online medical education for MBBS students of al years as Bukovinian State Medical University has its own server of online education which was developed approximately 15 years back by university officials for the benefit of more than 2000 Indian medical students who are pursuing MBBS studies at university presently . According to the sources it is revealed that MBBS classes for the coming MBBS session 2020, Bukovinian State Medical University will start the admission process of Indian MBBS students immediately after NEET exam. If needed, classes will start online taking into consideration the present situation of COVID-19.

Few Facts about Bukovinian State Medical University which makes it overall Leader of medical education in Ukraine-

  • Bukovinian State Medical University holds top rank among medical universities of Ukraine.
  • More than 2000 Indian students are studying presently at Bukovinian State Medical University.
  • Bukovinian State Medical University is the 1st university who started online books, MCQ questions, tests, exams, lectures, library for its MBBS students 15 years back.
  • Bukovinian State Medical University is having top results in MCI-FMGE exam after completion of MBBS degree in India.
  • Bukovinian State Medical University is the only university which provides a separate hostel for Indian girls on campus.
  • Tuition fee can be paid directly instalment wise of 6 month each to university account from Indian banks itself.
  • Bukovinian State Medical University may enrol Indian MBBS students for session 2020 which may start very soon with online classes in the current situation of pandemic.

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