Ukraine is a country in south-east Europe and its borders are shared with Moldova, Russia, Belarus, Romania, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. Hryvna is the currency and Kiev is the capital of the country. Students from across the world come to Ukraine for studying MBBS degree as in Ukraine the MBBS is not so costly and is an excellent option for Indian Students.

Ukraine has been a popular choice for MBBS admissions because of its extremely methodical educational pedagogy. For Indian students looking for MBBS admissions overseas, MBBS in Ukraine is a great option for the below-mentioned reasons:

  • These universities focus on the quality of education rather than quantity and this is why they take no more than 125 to 150 students every year.
  • The top MBBS colleges in Ukraine are recognized by the Medical Council of India or MCI.
  • Besides this, these colleges follow a systematic process and try to impart education in an easy manner.

Moreover, studying MBBS in Ukraine is quite affordable as the fees are usually between 4000 USD to 5500 USD. The course curriculum is for six years and the classes and lectures are excellent as the faculty focuses on each individual during classes. The students need to go through clinical rotations from the 4th to 6th year making room for outstanding interpersonal development as well. In addition, the universities in Ukraine offering MBBS course provide accommodation and food facility at a very competitive price rate.

Remember that thousands of students from across the world apply for MBBS admission in Ukraine but the seats are limited and thus the admission is offered on first come first serve basis based on the final decision made by the university as per the availability. Therefore, students are encouraged to apply for admission to top colleges as early as possible.

Reasons for pursuing MBBS admission in Ukraine

The medical education of Ukraine has secured a significant position for its world-class education system, global acceptance and cost-effective tuition fees. An important reason for getting MBBS admission in Ukraine is the concentration on individual learning and getting an ideal balance between theoretical and practical knowledge.

Listed below are some of the key reasons for pursuing MBBS degree in Ukraine:

  • The course fees and cost of living are very affordable in Ukraine. In fact, when compared with the Indian private medical colleges, the fees are almost 70% less in Ukraine.
  • No test such as IELTS or TOEFL is needed in medical colleges of Ukraine
  • The medium of instruction is English.
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