The MCI Screening Exam is considered to be a very challenging exam as it needs a lot of hard work & regular studies. Only 19% of the candidates are able to clear this test if we see this statistically from last few years.

There is a regular question which comes in every student’s mind – Why there is need of MCI Screening Exam for those who have completed MBBS from abroad? Why they cannot practice immediately after completion of their MBBS Degree?

Every MBBS graduate who complete MBBS from any foreign university need to qualify MCI Screening Exam. Only after qualifying MCI Screening test students are eligible to practice in Indian hospitals. Now Indian Government has come with new exam pattern which will be called as NEXT Exam in which it will not matter weather you have done MBBS from India or abroad student must qualify NEXT Exam after completion of their MBBS,

The New NEXT Exam will be conducted to check basic knowledge, factual concepts, common approach is students, application of basic concepts, approach of MBBS graduate towards patients who come for consultation to them.

This exam is believed to start from 2022 onwards for MBBS graduates. The NEXT Exam will be taken to check basic knowledge of students as they should be familiar with the new medical updates as well as new challenges of medicine world.

After successfully clearing the NEXT Exam, the MBBS students need to carry out 1 year of internship to fulfill the basic criteria of Medical Council of India.

There are restrictions upon the number of attempts which can be avail by a student.

As of now most probably the criteria to pass MCI Screening test or NEXT Exam for a candidate will be 50% marks. The MBBS Graduates who qualify the NEXT Exam or MCI Screening Test will be asked to apply for registration to Medical Council of India or State Medical Council

Earlier it was noticed that very less students were able to clear MCI Screening Test. Total pass percentage was about 19 % which was very low.

By time the percentage increased and it came to 29-30 % in few years.

There are some good universities abroad which provide very good medical education to foreign medical students. Those are the only MBBS universities which made the difference. One of such prominent medical university we will discuss today is Bukovinian State Medical University of Ukraine. Bukovinian State Medical University is fully Government Medical University which holds top rank among medical universities of Ukraine as well as holds high rank in medical universities of world. Bukovinian State Medical University has highly qualified doctors who cleared MCI Screening Test in their first attempts which made Bukovinian State Medical University most popular among Indian students.

Some Important Points which made Bukovinian State Medical University Top result holder in MCI Screening Test from last many years-

Education system of Bukovinian State Medical University which is specially designed according to the latest pattern of Medical Council of India.

Daily Multiples Choice Questions ( MCQ ) test of students before every regular class according to Medical Council of India pattern makes it special.

Regular discussion forums with latest updates of world achievements in regular medicine as well as Indian medical system also makes it leader among others.

Alumni of more than 1000 Indian MBBS graduates from Bukovinian State Medical University in India guides its present MBBS students for all upcoming challenges which makes them more experienced.

More practical skills at clinics & hospitals of Bukovinian State Medical University including highly smart skills mentioned at simulation centre of BSMU helps students a lot.

Regular visits of Indian professors to university with their high yielding lectures & discussions regarding MCI Screening Test / NEXT Exam leads to perfection.

These are the special reason which makes Bukovinian State Medical University perfect. Bukovinian State Medical University Indian MBBS graduates are top among all foreign universities who are clearing MCI Screening Test in their 1st attempt.

We highly recommend Indian Medical aspirants to join Bukovinian State Medical University for their further medical education (MBBS)

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