Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery is considered one of the highest undergraduate degrees in our country and a majority of students aspire to become doctors when they grow up. But getting a seat in a government college in India is pretty tough, given the fact that the student to medical college ratio is very less. Also, competitive entrance examinations such as NEET makes the overall process even more difficult. Getting a seat in a private medical college may seem easy but it is a very costly affair. The best alternative to pursue one’s dream medical degree is to study MBBS in Ukraine.

MBBS in Ukraine FAQs:

1. Why studying MBBS in Ukraine is easy and cost-effective?

Getting a medical seat in Ukraine universities is easy as there are no competitive examinations to clear for admissions. Studying MBBS in Ukraine is relatively cheaper than procuring the degree in India as these universities do not demand any donation or capitation fee at the time of admission. Their tuition fee is also affordable compared with Indian medical universities.

2. What is the probability of getting a medical seat in Ukraine?

The chances of getting a seat in a world-class medical college in Ukraine are high compared with getting a seat in Indian colleges. Eligibility for MBBS admission is 50% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects in 12th standard examinations.

3. What is the quality of education in Ukraine?

The medical universities in Ukraine offer the finest medical education, completely in English medium along with pertinent exposure to European standards.

4. Are there Indian students studying MBBS in Ukraine?

Over 5000 students from India are already studying MBBS or MD in Ukraine.

5. What is the cumulative expense of studying MBBS in Ukraine?

The tuition fee for MBBS per semester is about Rs. 70,000 in Ukraine and it is possible to complete the entire MD physician degree in less than 20 lakhs rupees. The living expenses are also cheap compared with the USA, UK, Most parts of Europe, Australia and even India.

6. Are the medical colleges in Ukraine recognized?

Almost every single medical college in Ukraine is accredited by the WHO and the MCI and its students are recognized and accepted globally.

7. Is the MBBS degrees from Ukraine recognized in India?

Yes, the MBBS from Ukraine is recognized in more than 180 countries around the world. In India, graduates have to clear a screening test conducted by the MCI to start practicing.

8. How to apply for student Visa to Ukraine?

The student has to apply to the Ukrainian embassy for visa and it generally takes 2-4 days to get processed by the Ministry of internal affairs.

9. How to apply for MBBS in Ukraine?

The MD house is an official admission partner for MBBS admission in Bukovinian State Medical University in Asia that takes MBBS admissions for students as per the latest rules and regulations of the Medical Council of India. It has more than 15 years of work experience and has so far in the past made more than 3000 MBBS admissions. They are the official representative of the university and offers 100% guaranteed MBBS admissions by following the MCI rules.

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