The USA is the best country for pursuing MBBS and is an internationally recognized medical degree. Studying MBBS in the USA is the goal for many students, for the quality of education and industry provided in the American medical colleges. They have a duration of four years and
are provided with eminent hands-on practice and world-class education for the students. The hospitals and medical universities of the USA act as an example for other countries, and getting graduated from the USA will add feathers to your crown of the medical degree.

Eligibility for pursuing MBBS in the USA

The duration of the course is four years, and the Indian students are provided with three to seven years of residency to practice after graduation. There is no need to take the MCI examination to practice in India after graduating from the USA.

The student should score well in PCB subjects at the higher secondary level, have a good NEET score, and should have passed TOEFL or IELTS examinations to prove their English language efficiency. It is also compulsory for students to clear the medical college admission test, which is a combined test of critical thinking, problem-solving, and written communication skills. A good MCAT score guarantees your admission to a top rank medical college in the USA.

Top medical colleges in the USA

Studying MBBS in the USA is not an easy task. It requires a lot of patience, hard work, and intensive training. Students are made to deal with many practical and theoretical subjects in the four-year course duration. After graduating from a top rank college in the USA, you can easily
apply for jobs in any part of the world with a good salary.

Some of the 1st rank colleges in the country are-

● The Harvard Medical School
● The John Hopkins Hospital
● Perelman School of medicine
● Stanford University school of medicine
● Boston University school of medicine

Special scholarship programs are offered to international students with a high score in the USMLE course who can easily avail themselves of scholarships for financial support. Most of the students who pursued MBBS from the USA are now well settled in their careers and earning a good salary.

Why study MBBS in the USA?

● Excellent and top-notch education programs.
● Specialists from the USA have extraordinary regard and interest over the world.
● Students can go for a part-time job while continuing their MBBS degree.
● MBBS in the USA creates many opportunities in their career and helps interact with some of the famous personalities in the field of medicine.
● The understudies are not needed to pay extra capitation.

The United States of America is secure and protected for Indians. Americans have an incredible inclination towards Indians and are extremely cherishing towards them. They esteem multiculturism, henceforth there is less possibility of prejudice. The campus and the overall
environment are very friendly to the students. Many accommodation choices are there for Indians. The medical universities in the USA have magnificent infrastructure and quality education with excellent faculty. The students can do their clinical rotations in the USA and build a successful medical career.

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