MBBS in Canada

One of the prime front runners in presenting high-quality education to international students and Canadian students has to be Canada. And, if you delve deeper then you will find that MBBS is one of the sought-after degrees. For several reasons, students hailing from other continents and countries treat Canada as their preferred destination to pursue MBBS in Canada. Even when you carry on internet searches about studying MBBS in the Canadian states, you will always find healthy discussions on Quora. This country has set excellent academic standards and follows rigorous quality standards when it comes to education. Apparently, whoever gets through admissions here not only gets hands-on training and exposure but also earns a high-grade of teaching. So are you looking forward to a pool of future opportunities that benefits your career in the long run? Here is the minimum eligibility of studying MBBS discussed below.

2020 highlights to pursue MBBS in Canada

For Indians, Canada is one of the preferred destinations to study MBBS in Canada. Many Indians are living there for work and studies. If you aspire to study medicine, then you must meet the following eligibility criteria.

A UG degree is a must

In Canada, the Canadian colleges, and medical schools do not present any UG MBBS programs. Eventually, there is no one single MBBS course that Canada offers directly to the students after they have completed their schooling. Instead, they provide the MD courses.

  • The basic requirement/qualification is thus to enroll in the MD program (doctor of medicine) after you have completed your undergraduate or Bachelor degree from a recognized and affiliated university.
  • The Canadian medical programs vary from five to three years. Therefore, the course duration differs with your university choice and your background. To enroll in a 4-year program, you must complete your graduation in science or Biology with a high-academic performance.
  • To enroll without a graduation degree, you can send applications to medical schools present in Quebec. The requirement for entry there is 10+2 qualification and a year of CEGEP diploma program.

Qualify a test on language proficiency

The basic entry eligibility criteria or requirement to pursue MBBS in Canada is to be proficient in English. Students can thus choose the TOEFL exam or the IELTS for validating their English proficiency. For the undergraduate courses, students must secure a good postgraduate score of 6.5 or a 7 in the IELTS. In the TOEFL exam, for the undergraduate you must attain a score of minimum 80 and 90 for the post graduate courses.


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