Medical and healthcare are one of the most consistently developing industries in the world. Researches and development in medicines and progression in technology are contributing a lot to the human race. European countries have the maximum influence towards these research and developments. It also offers medical education for foreign students. But then the question arises what if these medical courses are valid and recognized in the world? To answer that we would have to understand the structure of medicine and medical studies. In Europe, there are many countries offering such studies with a huge success rate and phenomenal establishments. Though Ukraine has been in the spotlight for this, it offers multilingual test opportunities like English, Russian etc. The major Universities like Bukovinian State Medical University – offer various courses and certifications in the field. These qualifications can be practiced in India (after screening through MCI – Medical Council of India) and in the US after appearing for KROK-3 (there are three variation of KOROK- 1,2&3). Students who aim for a medical career can peruse the MBBS in Ukraine with no ILTES or TOEFL certification. The Teacher student ratio is maintained to 1:20 for efficient learning. Ukraine holds a good reputation in medical careers by delivering about 50K-60K medical professionals every year. Where over 65% of this population gets placed and practice abroad.

Universities like BSMU (established in 1944) who are the top priority of WHO and recommended by the Ministry of health, Ukraine; have a brilliant reputation in holding transparency of the expense vs studies for foreign students. This means the tuition fee is not to be paid to the middling who usually make use of the student’s money for personal purposes but can be paid directly to the University’s account, that too without any hidden charges. Not only the college has pulled all the strings to deliver the best to the student in terms of academics by offering the best courses but also provides a great infrastructure to be comfortable with by providing sperate male/ female hostels, professional cultural cuisines available for foreign students. There are special workshops conducted for MCI (Medical Council of India) screening assessments, there are more innovative ways to make the international students focus on the given goal by creating online practice sessions, a mobile application with over 75000 question, test series & question banks to equip the students

The way Ukraine has contributed to the medical and health care arena is making it a potential ground for the vivid and latent upcoming forces ready for taking charge of the medical industry in the world. The medical institutions and universities in Ukraine are all accredited by the world’s major organizations e.g. WHO, UNESCO etc.

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