Having a degree in Medicine and becoming a doctor is a dream for many youths in India. But it is not as simple as it sounds. There are very few government medical colleges in India and they demand extremely good marks in the higher secondary and NEET entrance tests. Even those students who perform exceptionally well in these exams get affected by caste reservations and submit themselves for BDS and other alternative medical courses.

Studying MBBS in Ukraine has been the most sought after option for medical aspirants as studying MBBS here is cheap, easy and is of world standards. There are several advantages of doing MBBS in Ukraine and these are summarized as follows:

Benefits of studying MBBS in Ukraine:

Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe sharing its border with Russia, Poland, and Romania and Moldova. It is ranked the fourth country in Europe for having the largest number of graduate and post-graduate specializations in the field of Medicine. All of its universities are accredited by the World Health Organization and UNESCO. It is home for some of the top Government Medical Universities that offer MBBS, MD and other medical degrees to both its citizens and international students.

Ukraine is attracting international students to pursue medicine in its universities as they are relatively affordable. After completion of the medical degree, the students are free to apply for a job in any part of the world. The duration of MBBS in Ukraine is 5.8 years and students need not clear any entrance tests to get admission to the Medical universities of Ukraine.

Bukovinian State Medical University:

This is one of the largest Government Medical universities in Ukraine that has celebrated its 65th anniversary recently. It is a nonprofit public institution located in the City of Chernivtsi. The institution is officially recognized by the Ministry of Health in Ukraine and has level IV accreditation as well. The University has 47 departments with seven medical faculties. Since its inception, it has trained at least 25,000 doctors in different fields of medicine.

The MD House is the official partner of this BSMU University in Ukraine that selects students from India to pursue their medical degree in Ukraine. MD house has more than 15 years’ experience in the field and has made more than 3000 medical admissions at BSMU University. The students can work in different destinations all over the world after completion of the degree. MD house offers 100% guaranteed admissions for medicine aspirants and follows strict MCI rules in the process of admission. They are the official representatives of the University who accept no additional fees other than the admission fee from the students.

MD house office is available in different states of the country and they admit students for other paramedical courses such as Pharmacy and Nursing as well. At present more than 1700 Indian students are studying at BSMU through MD house that offers special hostels for girls and boys with Indian food cooked by cooks in the university hostel.

Thus, the MD house helps Indian students to realize their doctor’s dream through BSMU University in Ukraine. There is no donation fee or capitation fee, there is no need to clear IELTS or TOEFL examination and the admission fees are payable directly at the university account.

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