A lot of bright and capable students aim to become successful doctors in the future but are not able to get an education due to high competition. Ukraine is fast turning out to be one of the most popular destinations for Indians who want to study MBBS In Abroad as they can get quality education at comparatively cheap cost and excellent infrastructure. Some of the most excellent medical universities have a fee structure that is one-fifth of a standard medical institution. The students who have completed their MBBS studies from medical Universities in Ukraine can get a job in India easily as the Universities in Ukraine are approved by MCI and WHO. Apart from this, the Top Ukrainian Medical Universities are recognized and accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science and Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine. This is why International students from numerous countries such as India, Africa, Pakistan, Europe, and more prefer to Study MBBS In Ukraine.

Procedure of MBBS Admission in Ukraine 

  • Fill up the education form for MBBS admission in Ukraine.
  • Send the mark sheets
  • Within 3-4 working days expect to get the admission letter for MBBS admission in Ukraine.
  • Get an invitation letter from the University within 15 days.
  • Filing for the visa can take approximately 10 working days if everything goes perfect for MBBS Admission in Ukraine
  • Students must ensure to be present in the university from day one.
  • The session starts in October.

Advantages of doing MBBS in Ukraine

  1. Infrastructure and the quality of education in Ukraine medical colleges are the best, making it the best country for MBBS programs.
  2. The government is always eager to assist the universities get the best in terms of research and financial situations.
  3. Cost of accommodation and living is comparatively lower in Ukraine compared to other European countries. The fee structure of Ukraine medical colleges is very affordable.
  4. There are no donations necessary and this applies for even the cheapest medical colleges in Ukraine.
  5. In addition, the co-curricular activities and attractive sprawling campuses are another key highlight of Ukrainian medical colleges for Indian students.
  6. Students pursuing MBBS are encouraged to take part in conferences, seminars, and other activities which build their confidence and increase the quality of learning.
  7. Almost all the Government and Private medical universities of Ukraine are recognized by the Medical Councils all across the globe such as MCI, WHO, FAIMER, UNESCO, to name some.


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