Medical Council of India or MCI, also called as Foreign Medical Graduates Examination, is a licensure examination – conducted by National Board of Examination (NBE) in India. It is compulsory for those Indian students who have pursued MBBS from abroad.

MCI Screening test, started from the year 2002 for Indian students, is applicable and of course compulsory for medical students who have attained a degree of medicine from the country other than India like Ukraine, Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh and different other nations. You will find medical schools and colleges or universities – listed in the WHO International Directory of Medical Schools.

You can also find the best MCI exam result university in Ukraine – paving clear ways for you to fulfill your requirement to practice in India after completing your degree from Ukraine.

Clearing MCI Screening helps students to carry out 1 year of internship to fulfill the eligibility criteria. You will get a number of added benefits of this test or get admission in the top and best MCI exam result university in Ukraine.

How to Find the Best MCI Exam Result University in Ukraine?

Going online is one of the time-saving and convenient ways to fulfill your requirement to find the Best MCI Exam Result University in Ukraine. There are a number of top names in this list and choosing the best one is important. Reaching the right platform that has been providing you support in getting admission is important.

You have to register your name, complete formalities that are required to clear and leave rest of the work on experts there to help you in getting admission.

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