Why Ukraine is a top ranked country for doing MBBS?

Medicine is a well-known career option throughout the world, and to become a doctor, the first thing that the aspirants are required to do is to obtain an MBBS degree. Sadly, there is a strong difference amongst the number of applicants and the number of MBBS seats present in India. As per the Medical Council of India, 494 renowned colleges in India offer MBBS courses while there are 407 institutes situated across the globe that are recognized by the MCI.

Even though there are several countries in the world that offer MBBS course but MBBS in Ukraine is considered to be the most popular one. There are several advantages of pursuing an MBBS degree from foreign countries, some of which are mentioned below:

    • Less reliance on NEET rank

Although the extremely competitive NEET entrance exam has become obligatory for applying to MBBS courses globally, the contest will still be significantly less compared to institutes in India. Almost three times as many students are applying for the MBBS course in India as the number of available seats, and the competition is competitive as admission takes place based on the rank secured. On the other hand, students pursuing MBBS in foreign countries have minimum requirements in regards to NEET ranking.

    • High Quality of Education

Institutes that are recognized by the MCI and also meet the local standard of education regulations usually offer top-quality education to MBBS students. Compared to institutes in India, medical colleges overseas face wide-ranging criticism to maintain excellence and standards. However, it is recommended to confirm the reviews and ranking of any institution you are thinking about applying to.

    • Lower Costs Compared to Private Indian Institutes

Government medical colleges in India are without doubt reasonably priced, but, the private medical colleges are expensive to pursue an MBBS degree. In comparison, an MBBS degree in a foreign destination like Ukraine is quite reasonable. Besides, there are several hidden costs included in studying at Indian private medical college, which can be eradicated by studying overseas where the costs are hugely upfront.

    • International Exposure

Studying abroad is a learning experience in itself, irrespective of the course, as you learn about a new culture and how to adjust to a new environment. Particularly for an MBBS course, studying overseas gives revelation to a range of medical conditions, together with state-of-the-art apparatus, advanced technology, and amenities. Apart from teachers, you will learn from communicating with students from different nationalities as well. MBBS in Ukraine has become renowned due to its global influence, affordable tuition fees, and a world-class education system.

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