At the University, the training is provided at the Medical Faculty within 5.8 years. In the process of training a constant control of the current progress is conducted by means of estimating of students’ knowledge on each class.

At the end of each term the final control is provided by means of passing tests and examinations in subjects studied during this term. At the University, a necessary infrastructure has been introduced for organization and medical provision of standardized control of knowledge in subjects of the general scientific cycle fundamental sciences /Step 1/ after 3-rd year and subjects of the cycle of professional and practical training at the 6-th year /Step 2/. It envisages a wide use of the test control over the current and final levels, as well as selected pilot test. On completion of the training, state examinations are passed in main subjects: Internal Diseases, Occupational Diseases and Infectious Diseases, Surgical Diseases with Pediatric Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Childhood Diseases with Childhood Infectious Diseases, Hygiene, Social Medicine, Organization and Economy of Public Health. After successful passing of the state examinations graduates of BSMU are awarded the qualification of Doctor, the title the Doctor of Medicine.

S. No.SubjectLecturePracticalIndependent WorkTotal Hours
1st Course (I & II Semester)
1.Human Anatomy7221690378
2.Medical Biology, Genetics & Parasitology367254162
3.Histology, Cytology & Embryology5412690270
4.History of Medicine18181854
5.Latin Language & Medical Terminology7236-108
6.Bio-Inorganic, Organic, Physical Colloidal & Bio-Organic Chemistry367254162
7.Bio-Physics, Information Science & Medical Equipment367254162
10.Russian Language-16072232
2nd Course (III & IV Semester)
2.Normal Physiology9018090360
6.Russian Language-16054214
7.Physical Training---524
3rd Course (V & VI Semester)
1.Bases of Psychology & Pedagogic18181854
2.Social Medicine & Organization of Health Protection Services367236144
3.Pathological Anatomy729072234
4.Pharmacology & Medical Dispensing of Medicines729072234
5.Pathological Physiology729072234
6.Propedeutics of Children Diseases with care of Children5414490288
7.Radial Diagnostics & Radial Therapy367254162
8.General Surgery with Anesthesiology & Care of Patients5414490288
9.Topographic Anatomy16592489
10.Operative Surgery206030110
11.Propedeutics of Inner Diseases with care of Patients5414490288
12.General Hygiene7212672270
4th Course (VII & VIII)
1.Obstetrics & Gynecology484860156
2.Remedial Gymnastics & Sport Medicine1830-48
3.Dermatoveneral Diseases13423085
4.Psychiatry, Narcology & Medical Psychology549072216
5.Nervous Diseases367254162
6.Faculty Pediatrics with Medical Genetics549054198
7.Radiative Medicine12241854
8.Phthisiatry (Tuberculosis)18423090
10.Facultative Therapy with Physiotherapy5412690270
11.Economics of Health Protection10261854
13.Faculty Surgery449838180
5th Course (IX & X)
3.Hospital Therapy & Military Field Therapy5416072234
4.Occupational Diseases18423090
5.Traumatology & Orthopaedy18423090
6.Hospital Pediatry367254162
8.Hospital Surgery543046130
10.Pediatrics Surgery16363688
11.Infectious & Tropical Diseases427248162
12.Epidemiology & Military Epidemiology12362472
13.Children Infectious Diseases18363690
15.Urgent States Medicine of Catastrophies244836108
16.Forensic Medicine334827108
17.Basics of Law18181854
18.Military Field Surgery10322668
6th Course (XI & XII)
2.Social Medicine & Organization of Health Protection-361854
3.Economics of Health Protection-28836
4.Internal Medicine1224012264
5.Infectious Diseases-7236108
6.Tropical Diseases-72-36
9.Clinical Pharmacology-361854
10.Children Infection Disease-7236108
11.Obstetrics & Gynecology-7236108
12.Pediatrics Surgery-7236108
13.Reanimatology (Intensive Care)-7236108
14.Surgical Disease-14472216
15.Clinical Immunology & Allergology-7236108

  • 5 excellent
  • 4 good
  • 3 satisfactory
  • 2 unsatisfactory

The academic year consists of 2 semesters, the autumn term starts on the 1st of September and winter term starts on 2nd of February. Winter vacation lasts for 2 weeks and summer vacations for 2 months. There is an exception only for foreign students of the 1st year, for them the 1st semester begins between 1st September and 15th November, according to their arrival.